Service Card 2018

Starting now the popular WinGPS Service Card 2018 is available for purchase in our online store. As last year, when purchasing the Service Card you are ensured of the newest version of WinGPS 5 and will profit from several exclusive offers.

Hybrid charts for added safety

Our new DKW IENC Germany charts are available now in our online shop. The new hybrid charts in DKW format are recommended for navigation on the German rivers.

Hybrid charts offer the best of both worlds; the fast chart processing of raster charts and the clear waypoints of vector charts. While installing the charts, we automatically install a waypoint database. This database is seperate from the charts, so even when you rotate the chart, the waypoints will be clear. Updating your WinGPS 5 and DKW Manager is needed for showing the waypoint database.

We recommend WinGPS 5 Navigator, Pro or Voyager in combination with the DKW IENC charts thanks to the network of (a.o.) Rhine, Saar and Moessel.

We would appreciate input from our users to improve our first version. Feel free to


Rhein (Lobith-Iffezheim), Ruhr, Rhein-Herne-Kanal, Wesel-Datteln-Kanal, Mosel, Saar, Main, Main-Donau-kanaal, Donau en Neckar. 

From €69,90

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Shows kilometers, VHF channels and signs.

DKW 1800 series
Since 1999 Stentec Software provides the digital version of the hydrographic charts of the Netherlands. Thanks to the weekly BaZ Update Service you will always have the latest, most up-to-date charts. The charts can be ordered as separate sets or as a complete package.

At a time like this where there is no certainty about the releases of the 1800-series charts by the Dutch Hydrographic Services, this is a unique product. With the free weekly update service and the ability to use the charts on a laptop as well as on an Android device, a up-to-date chart of these busy and unpredictable waters is always at hand. As soon as a new paper version of the charts are released, users can download these directly in digital form. If desired, the charts can also be printed for personal use.

The Waddensea charts 1811 and 1812 are supplied with monthly updated depth images from Rijkswaterstaat.

Chart coverage
The different sets in the DKW 1800 series consist of a.o.

  • Northsea coast
  • Westerschelde
  • Oosterschelde
  • Zoommeer
  • Nieuwe Waterweg
  • IJsselmeer
  • Waddensea West
  • Waddensea East

Click on one of the chart areas to go to the corresponding chart set in our webshop.

Detailed screenshots

All products in the DKW 1800 series

DKW 1800 Complete
8 Overview charts
216 Detailed charts

DKW 1800 North
4 Overview charts
120 Detailed charts

DKW 1800 South
4 Overview charts
96 Detailed charts

DKW 1801:
Northsea coast

1 Overview charts
20 Detailed charts

DKW 1803:

1 Overview charts
18 Detailed charts

DKW 1805:

1 Overview charts
33 Detailed charts

DKW 1807:

1 Overview charts
29 Detailed charts

DKW 1809:
Nieuwe waterweg

1 Overview charts
16 Detailed charts

DKW 1810:

1 Overview charts
60 Detailed charts

DKW 1811:
Waddensea west

1 Overview charts
18 Detailed charts

DKW 1812:
Waddensea east

1 Overview charts
22 Detailed charts

Read about the annual changes made to the charts via the link(s) below.

System requirements:
PC/Laptop: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 with DirectX 9 Videocard (or higher).
Tablet: Android operating system, minimal 2Gb RAM.

This chart can be used in the free WinGPS 5 Lite for Windows and can be installed on your WinGPS Marine app for Android. For precise route planning with a rotating map and AIS we advise using WinGPS 5 Pro or WinGPS Marine (paid version).

DKW The Netherlands
The DKW The Netherlands is developed for sailors, motorboaters and commercial use within Western Europe. DKW The Netherlands is available as download. Stentec releases this chart annually based on the 'Top10NL-data' from the Dutch topographic services, Inland ENC charts, the Dutch hydrografic services and user based remarks.

The DKW The Netherlands is great for use with WinGPS 5 Navigator, Pro or Voyager: Using the waterway network makes it is very easy to plan routes on the Dutch inland waters.

Chart specifications
This hybrid chartset consist of, a.o. 

  • 2 Overview charts (scale 1:250.000, 30m/pixel)
  • 5 Detailed charts for orientation and route planning (scale 1:25.000, 3m/pixel). 
  • Waypoint database with 39.019 waypoints for a.o. buoys, marinas, moorings, diesel filling stations, water camp sites and VHF channels. Also included are waterway signs and VIN berths for commercial use. Waypoint groups can be plotted on the charts individually. 

Chart coverage
Included in this set are, a.o.

  • The Frisian lakes
  • Biesbosch
  • Amsterdam waterways

Click the image for a larger view.

Detailed screenshots

Connecting chart sets

About the sourcematerial
With the use of additional resources and the processing of comments and suggestions of many sailors, the DKW The Netherlands is updated annually. The base chart is based upon, where available, the official inland ENC charts.

System requirements:
PC/Laptop: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 with DirectX 9 Videocard (or higher).
Tablet: Android operating system, minimal 2Gb RAM.

This chart can be used in the free WinGPS 5 Lite for Windows and can be installed on your WinGPS Marine app for Android. For precise route planning with a rotating map and AIS we advise using WinGPS 5 Pro or WinGPS Marine (paid version).

WinGPS chart apps
Besides the digital charts for WinGPS on your Windows PC we bring you the Chart-Apps for Android™. These Chart-Apps are apps that use the same technology as WinGPS Marine Lite for Android, with pre-installed navigation charts.

Replacement for paper charts
Stentec's Chart-Apps are designed as a replacement for your paper charts. We recommend a big tablet for the best chart overview. With a build in GPS-receiver you'll see your position, speed and heading on the screen, and it will follow your location on the chart. You can easily create a waypoint, and see the "course to steer" in degrees on your screen.

The app is also available on Android smartphones to use on a dinghy, kayak or small boats.

Waterchart license
These chart-apps are available for purchase in the Google Play Store. They are directly available after purchase. You can also use these charts in WinGPS Marine for Android, or in WinGPS 5 (Lite, Navigator, Pro or Voyager) for Windows.

Water chart Friese meren

With the chart in this app you navigate the popular lakes of Friesland. This app is available for Free in Google Play.


Water chart Biesbosch

Covering the Biesbosch within the bounds of Dordrecht, Werkendam, Raamsdonksveer & Moerdijk.


Water chart Amsterdam

Ideal for tourists who want to sail on the canals and ports of Amsterdam or to Pampus. Especially created for participants and visitors of Sail Amsterdam 2015. This area contains Amsterdam port, canals and IJmeer.


DKW 1800 Series

To be used as a paper chart replacement of the 1800-series charts of the Dutch Hydrographic office. These apps are available per set, and in combination of North, South and Complete.

This overview contains all our chart apps. These are not all available card sets for your Android device. If you buy a (DKW) water card in our online shop, you can use it in WinGPS Marine for Android, or WinGPS for Windows. Check our full list of charts in our online shop.

WinGPS Marine
After purchasing WinGPS Marine, you will unlock the full capabilities of your personal navigation system. You are now able to plot routes, download GRIB files, save previous tracks and connect AIS and GPS. Use the handy time table to view the predicted wind, rain, air pressure and AIS targets. The functions described below are in addition to the functions of WinGPS Marine Lite.

Route Navigation
With this app you can create routes and edit them while on the move. Longpress the screen to create a single waypoint or multiple to create a route. You can create multiple routes, and give each route and routepoint a unique name.

Track management
You can automatically record the sailed tracks. The tracks will be saved to review or share later. You can give each sailed track a unique name.

Meteo data
You can download Meteo predictions for a selected area. The wind, air pressure and rainfall can be plotted on the chart view using downloadable GRIB information.

AIS (Automatic Identification System)
Your AIS receiver can communicate with the app using a wireless connection using WIFI or Bluetooth. With AIS you see all surrounding ships plotted on the chart view. You can also bring up the targets in a list, and if you tap a ship's name you can see all the AIS target data. The built-in AIS collision alarm helps you in making important decisions.

Time Bar
By using the time bar you can see the prediction on your track. By sliding it forward you will see the upcoming weather, and tidal information if available.

Follow GPS position
When this function is activated, your GPS position will be centered on your screen and the underlying chart will move under it. Multiple following options are available: 'North up', 'Course up' & 'Compass mode'.

NOAA Tiles
Activate the NOAA Tiles in your chart manager. When you have a working internet connection all available NOAA charts will automatically be shown.


ADAC Marina guide for WinGPS

In collaboration with the German ADAC, Stentec presents the ADAC Marinaführer (Marina Guide). This convenient database gives you detailed information for multiple European countries.

The ADAC will no longer publish their renowned Marinaführer in physical edition. It is now exclusively available at Stentec and will be delivered with WinGPS 5 Lite and the new Stentec world chart. The previous (paper) 2010 edition contained information about marinas in Germany and Europe. The version was updated and enhanced to no less than 1638 ADAC marinas in 20 countries.

Marina information
With a single mouse click all information about the marina will apear with handy marina plan. Contact info, accomodations and even prices will be shown.

An easy filter makes it possible to show only the accomodations you wish.

The ADAC (Allgemeinen Deutschen Automobil-Club) was founded in 1903 and now has more than 17 million members, 2 million of which are active water sporters. The ADAC Marina Guide is a perfect addition to your charts. Below are a few combinations of charts with the ADAC Marina Guide.

DKW Water chart Netherlands

The ADAC Marina Guide is a perfect match with the DKW Water chart Netherlands. You can see the improvements to the depth information.

From €79,90

DKW 1800

The DKW1800 charts safely bring you to the marinas. The weekly BaZ update ensures that your charts remain up to date.

From €24,90

DKW Imray

On the DKW Imray charts the marinas are also a perfect addition. Presented here is an example in The Channel. The French coast and Mediterranean are also covered in the ADAC Marina Guide.

From €99,90

WinGPS 5

The ADAC marina guide only functions in WinGPS 5 programs among which the free WinGPS 5 Lite. The routework is not only fully updated in WinGPS 5, it also has been expanded to Germany, Belgium and parts of France.

Variable prices

World chart included

WinGPS 5 Lite
WinGPS 5 Lite is the free version of the WinGPS 5 series for your Windows PC or laptop.

You can use WinGPS 5 Lite to introduce yourself to digital onboard navigation. Combine WinGPS 5 Lite with the DKW 1800 series or the DKW the Netherlands chartset and experience the reliability of WinGPS 5 and the extra safety it brings aboard.

Connect a GPS receiver to your laptop and:

  • Determine your position
  • See your heading
  • See your speed
  • Monitor your sailed tracks

For Windows and Android
WinGPS 5 Lite, the free version of Stentec's navigation software WinGPS 5, is developed for your Windows PC or Laptop. If you have an Android tablet or smartphone, you can download and install the free version of our Android application WinGPS Marine Lite via Google Play.

More functionality
If you want extra functions that aren't available in WinGPS 5 Lite, you can purchase a full version of WinGPS 5. With one of these programs you can plot routes, download GRIB files for weather forecast, connect board instruments (such as AIS) and much more!

Digital water charts
All of Stentec's DKW water charts are available for WinGPS Lite and are easily installed.

Click the image for an overview of all available charts.

System requirements:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
  • DirectX 9 video card (or higher)
  • 210MB free disk space

Charts for WinGPS

Besides your navigation program you will also need digital charts. The WinGPS series support world wide coverage which can easily be installed with DKW Manager.

Most charts come with an online update service. Our goal is to deliver the most actual charts to sailors. Safety must come first. Besides the charts we publish, you may also create your own charts with DKW Builder.

Below an overview with charts suitable for WinGPS

DKW Inland charts

Stentec is creating our own inland charts, especially made for digital navigation. Perfect in combination with WinGPS 5 thanks to the route planner and Bridges en Locks database.

Supplier: Stentec Software
Ammount of updates: n/a

{module 73} 

DKW 1800 The Netherlands

Stentec Software publishes the digital version of the Hydrographic charts of The Netherlands since since 1999. Thanks to the weekly online update service you will always have the most recent charts. The charts can be ordered seperately or as a whole.

Supplier: Stentec Software
Ammount of updates: Weekly

  • DKW 1801 Noordzeekust
  • DKW 1803 Westerschelde
  • DKW 1805 Oosterschelde
  • DKW 1807 Zoommeer
  • DKW 1809 Nieuwe Waterweg
  • DKW 1810 IJsselmeer
  • DKW 1811 Waddenzee West
  • DKW 1812 Waddenzee Oost

{module 59}


DKW Imray

DKW Imray ID10DKW Imray ID20DKW Imray ID30
DKW Imray ID40DKW Imray ID50DKW Imray ID100

Stentec Software publishes the renown Imray charts digitally since 2009. These are based on paper charts and also have the famous Imray colors. The great advantage of these charts is that they cover a large area in 1 set.

Supplier: Stentec Software
Ammount of updates: 4 times/year


  • DKW-ID10 Engelse en Schotse Oostkust
  • DKW-ID20 English Channel
  • DKW-ID30 Britse Westkust en Ierland
  • DKW-ID40 Atlantische kust Frankrijk, Portugal tot Gibraltar
  • DKW-ID50 Middellandse Zee West (European Coast)
  • DKW-ID60 Middellandse Zee Midden
  • DKW-ID70 Oostelijke Middellandse Zee
  • DKW-ID100 Eastern Caribbean

{module 60}

DKW Internationaal

DKW UK1DKW Duitse Oostkust
DKW Duitse BochtDKW Belgie

For the most popular areas we also publish our own chart sets. This way you can easily download your charts from our websites. Because we make the charts ourselves, it is easier to update them regularly, keeping them recent and safe.

Supplier: Stentec Software
Ammount of updates: n/a


  • DKW Duitse Oostzeekust
  • DKW Duitse Bocht
  • DKW Engelse Oostkust

{module 61}


NV-Verlag is a publisher of charts which cover the entire world. They also publish the Baltc Sea charts, which are combipacks, paper and digital charts.

Supplier: NV-Verlag, Navicarte, Soltek
Ammount of updates: n/a.


  • Africa
  • Atlantic
  • Internal Waters Europe
  • Caribbean and South America
  • Florida, Bahamas & Gulf Coast
  • Indian Ocean
  • Mediterranean
  • North Sea
  • East Coast U.S.
  • Baltic Sea
  • Pacific Ocean
  • World

{module 62}

This list will give you a good overview of our different versions.  
For a complete overview of the features please click here.

Features of WinGPS 5 Lite Navigator Pro Voyager
GPS Tracking
Map Windows 1 2 3 3
Route planner  
Time Control  
Weather (Grib)  
Current & Tide (NL Tides, Rijkswaterstaat)    
NMEA Instruments like : AIS, Depth meter,Autopilot, etc.    
Interactive planning of routes with Polar      
Functions specialized for power boats      
Functions specialized for sailing boats      
Price Download Free € 129,- € 279,- € 379,-
Price CD version Free € 149,- € 299,- € 399,-

WinGPS MobileStentec’s New WinGPS 4 Mobile Navigator is specially designed for GPS-navigation with your handheld PC or PDA on board.






- WinGPS 4 Mobile Start-Up sheet

- An english manual will follow

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Specs WinGPS 4 Mobile Navigator

WinGPS 4 Mobile

  • Useful for all charts using WinGPS 4, like DKW 1800, ANWB, Navkom and charts which were reset from DKW1 to DKW2. Also suitable for charts made in DKWBuilder. Also supporting the most common BSB4 charts.
  • You will get to see all charts without borders as one big picture on your screen. Ideal for planning routes on multiple charts. No chart names to remember, but only zoom-in and –out. Multiple chart sets to use simulteneously.
  • Position and sailed routes to plot, when an NMEA-0183 compatible GPS is connected you can see your course line and position.
  • Groundcourse (COG), groundspeed (SOG) and WGS84 coordinates. Chart rotation: Chart Up, North Up, Leg Up (along route line) and Course Up and Automatic center to get as much chart in front of your cursor.
  • Plan routes by using waypoints and sail alongside with a XTE indicator. Optional: scale indicator and North arrow Installation, delete and update (only DKW1800) charts by using DKW Manager.

With your personal Stentec account you can activate and download your products. 


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Sail Simulator 5
In 2009 Stentec proudly presented the latest version of the Sail Simulator 5 at HISWA: an extremely realistic sailing experience on your computer. Ideal for learning purposes or getting through the offseason.

  • Easy and flexible user interface.
  • Stable multiplayer server for long distance regattas.
  • Realistic aerodynamics with wind shear and twist.
  • True to nature wave field and sea wearthiness.