WinGPS chart apps
Besides the digital charts for WinGPS on your Windows PC we bring you the Chart-Apps for Android™. These Chart-Apps are apps that use the same technology as WinGPS Marine Lite for Android, with pre-installed navigation charts.

Replacement for paper charts
Stentec's Chart-Apps are designed as a replacement for your paper charts. We recommend a big tablet for the best chart overview. With a build in GPS-receiver you'll see your position, speed and heading on the screen, and it will follow your location on the chart. You can easily create a waypoint, and see the "course to steer" in degrees on your screen.

The app is also available on Android smartphones to use on a dinghy, kayak or small boats.

Waterchart license
These chart-apps are available for purchase in the Google Play Store. They are directly available after purchase. You can also use these charts in WinGPS Marine for Android, or in WinGPS 5 (Lite, Navigator, Pro or Voyager) for Windows.

Water chart Friese meren

With the chart in this app you navigate the popular lakes of Friesland. This app is available for Free in Google Play.


Water chart Biesbosch

Covering the Biesbosch within the bounds of Dordrecht, Werkendam, Raamsdonksveer & Moerdijk.


Water chart Amsterdam

Ideal for tourists who want to sail on the canals and ports of Amsterdam or to Pampus. Especially created for participants and visitors of Sail Amsterdam 2015. This area contains Amsterdam port, canals and IJmeer.


DKW 1800 Series

To be used as a paper chart replacement of the 1800-series charts of the Dutch Hydrographic office. These apps are available per set, and in combination of North, South and Complete.

This overview contains all our chart apps. These are not all available card sets for your Android device. If you buy a (DKW) water card in our online shop, you can use it in WinGPS Marine for Android, or WinGPS for Windows. Check our full list of charts in our online shop.