Navigate on your iPad and iPhone

Since 2019, the navigation program WinGPS is also available in the Appstore. In addition to WinGPS 5 on the laptop and WinGPS Marine on an Android device, you can also navigate on an iOS device!

On this page we would like to tell you more about our various navigation apps for your iPad and iPhone. At the bottom of the page we will keep you informed of the latest developments. Onderaan de pagina zullen wij u op de hoogte houden van de laatste ontwikkelingen hierin.

WinGPS Marine for iOS

Get to know the navigation app WinGPS Marine for free and view your navigation charts, position and speed, among other things. Plot a navigation waypoint so that you immediately see the course-to-steer and distance-to-go. Ideal for smaller trips or as a backup.

If you choose the more extensive WinGPS Marine Plus app, you can plan routes and connect your AIS. Over time, this app will be expanded with functions such as current and tide data, GRIB files and connecting other on-board instruments. In this way you can create a complete navigation system on board.


WinGPS Marine

WinGPS Marine +

Friese Meren

GPS position, speed, course and distance over ground
Distance Circles
Navigation waypoint
Waterway network
Connect AIS
Course up mode

* Saving as well

Charts in WinGPS Marine

The charts you can use in these apps are Stentec's own DKW charts. For example, the well-known DKW 1800 series including weekly update service or the free DKW Vaarkaart Frisian Lakes.

In WinGPS Marine you can also use Apple's free online charts for orientation. You can download the DKW charts directly in the app and use them for navigation, after you have logged in with your Stentec account.

Note: Only 2018 and newer charts can be used in this app. Do you have older charts? Upgrade your charts in our online shop. Click here to upgrade your charts.

The Vaarkaart Friese Meren is a digital water charts of a large part of Friesland. This water chart can be used for free on your iPhone and iPad.

Ideal if you have rented a boat, but also for skipper and crew of sailing boats, motor boats and sloops on the Frisian Lakes.


Bluetooth GPS Receiver

If your iPad does not have an option for mobile internet, it also does not have an internal GPS receiver. If you want to use this iPad for navigation on board, an external GPS receiver is necessary to determine your position.

The GNS 3000 is a Bluetooth GPS receiver and is ideal for navigation with WinGPS Marine on your iPad.

Latest developments

New   Routes over the waterway network in Marine Plus

Posted on June 27, 2022

WinGPS Marine Plus

In WinGPS Marine Plus you can now plan a route over the waterway network, taking into account the dimensions of your ship, the waterways and the bridges & locks.

New   Navigation waypoint on waterway network in WinGPS Marine

Posted on June 27, 2022

WinGPS Marine

In WinGPS Marine you can now place a navigation waypoint on the waterway network, after which a route is automatically drawn over the intermediate waterways.

Waterway network in WinGPS Marine and Marine Plus

Posted on august 9, 2021

WinGPS Marine and Marine Plus

The WinGPS Marine and WinGPS Marine Plus apps now also include the waterway network with information about waterways, bridges and locks.

Release WinGPS Marine Plus

Posted on December 17, 2020

WinGPS Marine Plus

Download the more extensive navigation app WinGPS Marine Plus in the Appstore from now on! You can already plot routes, connect your AIS to it and switch on the Course-up mode. Over time, more functions are added, such as GRIB files and linking other on-board instruments.

Update WinGPS Marine

Posted on Ocotober 25, 2019

WinGPS Marine

From now on you can also view your sailed routes, turn on distance circles and place a navigation waypoint in WinGPS Marine.


Release WinGPS Marine

Posted on June 11, 2019

WinGPS Marine

Download the free navigation app WinGPS Marine now in the Appstore! Now you can load all your DKW charts and view your position, course and speed. More features will be added in upcoming updates.

Bèta WinGPS Marine

Posted on March 15, 2019

WinGPS Marine

The beta version is online and is being tested by WinGPS users. The feedback from this is used to be able to release a solid version of WinGPS Marine in the short term.