We offer a place of learning for students, from several levels of educations and schools, in which they a.o. have to learn how to work with customers. You probably will be helped by one of them if you come to our shop. We work together to ensure that you get the best help possible and can navigate safely aboard.

Your internship
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Jens Gellermann

Education: BBS Schoelerberg - Osnabrueck (Germany)

Internship period: 18-9-2017 - 13-10-2017

Jan Haarsma

Education: Groothandel - Sneek

Internship period: 6-2-2017 - 8-4-2017

Gerard Zijlstra

Education: Marketing & Communicatie - Sneek

Internship period: 11-4-2016 - 11-11-2016

Rogier Pruimboom

Education: Commercieel medewerker / Vestigingsmanager Groothandel - Sneek

Internship period: 4-11-2015 - 21-1-2016

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