Here you can find free downloads (freeware) from Stentec.

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ProductVersionRelease dateSize

DKW Manager

Install DKW chart sets with this software (DKW2, BSB, 21/04/2016 3 MB

Stentec Software Installer

Make a backup of all of your Stentec software on a USB drive. Also makes it possible to install on an offline (onboard) computer. 21/04/2016 4 MB

DKW Builder Lite

Create your own DKW chart sets with scanned charts. 28/02/2007 1.9 MB

WinGPS 5 Lite 20/12/2017 11 MB

WinGPS 5 Lite

With World chart. 06/03/2017 81 MB

Sail Simulator 5 Demo

Multiplayer demo : Match race with Sail Simulator 5 in a Laser on Treasure Island.

- - 184 MB

Help programs

ProductVersionRelease dateSize

Teamviewer - Stentec-version

Remote help via the Stentec version of Teamviewer. With this program we can remotely control your PC.

- - 8.1 MB

Sail Simulator 5 System Checker

Check if Sail Simulator 5 works on your system.

- - 2.0 MB

GPS-Info program

This program empties the memory of your USB GPS receiver, which makes them faster/better again.

Tip: close WinGPS and other navigation programs during the usage of GPS-info. Start in this program the GPS and click on 'Cold-start'. Then click on 'Close GPS' and close GPS-info. You can now use the USB GPS receiver again in your navigation program.

- - 128 kB

COM Port Plug&Play Blocker

Program which can block the floating mouse problem.

- - 1.1 MB


ProductVersionRelease dateSizee

DKW World 2013

Free World Chartset can be used for planning with Grib-Files.

- - 89 MB


ProductVersionRelease dateSize

Solution for WinGPS 5 on Windows XP

If you use WinGPS 5 on a Windows XP machine, you receive a message that a .dll file is missing since the June update. Download the file that is missing from After you install this file your WinGPS 5 should be fully functional.

4.6 MB  

Fix for older simulation software

Use this file when get the message that you miss the d3drm.dll, when you start Motorboat Simulator or Sail Simulator 4.

420 kB


ProductVersionRelease dateSize

Driver for USB GPS receiver

For BU353, BU353s4, MR350 and other GPS receivers (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8).
Note: The BU-353 and many other old USB GPS receivers are not compatible with Windows 8.

3.1 MB

Driver for uAIS Antenna (Windows)

2.2 MB

Driver for uAIS Antenna (Apple)

0.8 MB

Driver for UC232A serial to USB cable

3.8 MB

Driver for Delock serial to USB cable

Suitable for Windows 7 and up.

2.0 MB

Driver for V-700

Driver for V-700 external USB display.

13.7 MB

All of our Freeware programs can be used on your website, as long as you point to

Try our navigation software for free with WinGPS 5 Lite for Windows.

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