Get to know our on-board navigation programs!

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Notebook or board PC

Tablet or Smartphone

iPhone or iPad
WinGPS 6 Lite
Discover our navigation software for free.

Free  |   More information

WinGPS Marine Lite
Discover our navigation app for free.

Free  |   More information

WinGPS Marine Lite
Discover our navigation app for free.

Free  |   More information

WinGPS 6 Navigator
Perfect for starters, with route planning, GRIB files.

€179,-  |   More information

WinGPS Marine
Plan routes, download GRIB files and connect your AIS.

€49,-  |   More information

WinGPS Marine Plus
Plan routes and connect your AIS. Additional features in development.

€99,-  |   More information

WinGPS 6 Pro
Sailing on tidal waters, linking on-board instruments and planning more extensive routes. Ideal for motor skippers.

€319,-  |   More information

WinGPS Marine Plus
Extensive tide data and linking of on-board instruments.

€99,-  |   More information

WinGPS 6 Voyager
By and for sailors: polar diagrams and extensive route optimisation.

€419,-  |   More information

WinGPS 6 Inland
Especially for commercial shipping and the larger motor yachts because of the iENC options and programming your AIS.

€499,- excl. VAT |   More information

In the overview above, a few functions per program are described. An extensive overview of all functions per program can be found here.

Complete your navigation package
with charts and a GPS

Choose the WinGPS version that suits your situation on board, or use several WinGPS versions side by side. To complete the navigation package you also need a GPS receiver and the maps of your sailing area. This can be, for example, our own DKW charts. You can use this on all 3 systems at the same time!

Example situation:
Plan the routes at home on a PC with a large screen, take these routes with you on a laptop on board and also use the charts on your iPhone and an Android tablet so that you always have a backup system at hand.

The charts can be installed on 3 systems of Windows and Android. You also have 1 installation left for your iPhone or iPad.


For positioning on your laptop or PC it is ideal to use a USB GPS receiver. Most smartphones, tablets and iPhones already have an internal GPS receiver that you can use to determine your position in WinGPS. Note that not all iPads have an internal GPS receiver. A wireless Bluetooth GPS receiver is then ideal for determining your position.