NEW: Android subscription DKW the Netherlands

If you are only sailing for a few weeks per year and are looking for affordable navigation on the Dutch inland waters you can download our newest Android app now: DKW the Netherlands.

With this app you can purchase a subscription for our Dutch inland water chart and easily create simple routes. Navigating on a tablet or smartphone becomes particularly suitable for sailboats and motorboats as well as dinghies, fisherboats and canoes.

DKW the Netherlands
For only € 15,- you can start using the DKW the Netherlands North or South for a month on an Android tablet or smartphone. The first 3 days of use are free of charge.

Thanks to the biweekly updates, the accurate surface chart and the help of many long-time users this chart always remains up-to-date. With nearly 40.000 waypoints all information on buoys, harbours, berths, diesel filling stations, watersport campings and VHF channels can be found on the chart. With a scale of 2 meter per pixel the chart has a large detailed view and makes it possible to zoom in up until your home port.

Try now for 3 days free of charge

Navigation on a tablet
Navigation has never been this easy thanks to the DKW the Netherlands app. After downloading the chart files and turning on the (internal) GPS, you will immediately see your speed, course and position on the chart. By placing a navigational waypoint on the chart, the shortest route to this point will be plotted on the route network. Giving you information about the total distance to your destination and estimated time of arrival when maintaining your current speed. Discover how simple mobile navigation can be!

Important update DKW 1810 available

The Dutch Hydrographical Service has released the 2018 edition of the paper version of the DKW 1810 chart set. This new edition is available for download through the BaZ updates for the DKW 1800 series 2018 since last Friday.

The most important updates are at the Markerwadden and Medemblik. Also a new chart has been added for IJburg. On other locations changes were made to the depth image and waterway signs.

If you have a 2018 license for the DKW 1800 series you can download the updates immediately in WinGPS. When starting up WinGPS 5 (with an internet connection) the news center will start automatically and show you all available updates. If the news center doesn't start, you can start it manually via 'Help - Open news center'. In WinGPS Marine the updates will be shown during startup giving you the option to start the download.

If you don't yet have the 2018 edition of the DKW 1800 series you can purchase them in our webshop. As soon as the payment has been approved the chart set will be available in your account. The charts can than be installed using the DKW Manager for WinGPS 5 or from the chart manager in WinGPS Marine. When you have the Service Card 2018 you will receive € 20,- discount on the DKW 1800 Complete.

DKW 1810: IJsselmeer,
Markermeer & randmeren

€ 24,90

DKW 1800

€ 79,90

DKW 1800

€ 129,90
2018 editions of Delius Klasing charts now available

The new editions of the DKW Delius Klasing chart sets are now available in our online shop. These clear charts cover the areas: Baltic Sea, Bodensee, Balearic Islands and Croatia.

DKW Delius Klasing 2018
Since 2014 Stentec Software publishes the well known Delius Klasing series digitally. These are based on Delius Klasings paper charts and have the same colors. Below you will find examples of the charts and an overview of all Delius Klasing chart sets.

In total 53 new (detailed)charts have been added to the chart sets. Most are new harbour charts in the Baltic Sea and new areas such as the Selliner See. The chart of Klapeda, Lithuania, has a lot of added detail and the so called 'sketch' plans have been replaced by calibrated charts. All other charts have been updated with the latest data. With these new up-to-date chart sets you are ready for the coming season!

Important update available for DKW 1811 and DKW 1812

The Dutch Hydrografic Service released the 2018 editions of the paper versions of the DKW 1811 and DKW 1812 for the Wadden Sea. Last Friday these updates became available through our weekly BaZ updates for the DWK 1800 series 2018.

The most important changes were made at major junctions with, a.o. the Schuitengat, Molengat, Pollendam and the new Robbengat at the 'Rug' on the Lauwersmeer. The depth lines, depth numbers and waterway marks around fairways and harbours are updated (See images below). On various other locations changes were made to the depth image and waterway marks.

More than half of all depth states from Rijkswaterstaat have been updated. These can be found on the chart in the form of waypoints shown as blue triangles, ideal for planning a route on tidal waters.

The Schuitengat

The Pollendam

Click on an image for a larger view.

If you already have a 2018 license of the DKW 1800 serie you can update the charts immediately through the news center in WinGPS 5. At the start up of WinGPS 5 (with a working internet connection) the news center will open automatically with the update message. If the news center doesn't start this can be done manually via 'Help - Open news center'. In WinGPS Marine the update will be shown during start up when an internet connection is available.

If you haven't bought the 2018 edition of the DKW 1800 series yet, you can order them now in our webshop. After approval of your payment the chart set will become available on your account and can be installed via de DKW Manager (Windows) or from the chart manager (Android). If you have the Service Card 2018 you will receive € 20,- discount on the DKW 1800 Complete.

DKW 1811:
Wadden Sea West

€ 24,90

DKW 1812:
Wadden Sea East

€ 24,90

The DKW 1811 and DKW 1812 are also available in the following chart sets; DKW 1800 North & DKW 1800 Complete.

DKW 1800 North
€ 79,90

DKW 1800 Complete
€ 129,90
2018 editions of NV-Verlag now available for WinGPS 5

Great news for all sailors who venture outside of the Dutch open waters. Most of the NV-Verlag charts are available in the 2018 editions. Some new chart sets were added to the assortment and the charts for crossing the Atlantic Ocean have returned! Follow this link for a full overview of all NV-Verlag charts.

Trip around the Baltic
The popular Baltic chart sets are delivered as combination package: a paper chart set, a harbour plan book and a download with which the charts can be installed in WinGPS 5.

For voyages to the Baltic sea we recommend the use of our DKW 1800 series and our DKW German Bight. Both chart sets are updated weekly, connect seemlessly and will connect to the NV-Verlag Series 1 chart set.

Click on the image for morea information about the NV-Verlag chart sets.

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean
A welcome addition are the chart sets for crossing the Atlantic Ocean. These are 3 new chart sets which cover the Atlantic Ocean from France, Portugal and Spain up until Canada, America and the Caribbean, including detailed charts of the Canary Isles, Azores, Madeira, Cape Verde and the coast of Northern Spain and Portugal. The charts connect flawlessly with the Imray charts or the NOAA charts.

Click on the image to visit our online shop.