WinGPS Inland Navigation

Stentec has released a new professional navigation program specially for inland skippers: WinGPS Inland. When you combine this program with the new Inland Update Service, you are provided with all updates of both the European inland waterways charts and the navigation program throughout the year.

Inland Update Service

Stentec offers a subscription specially for inland skippers. With this service you can easily keep both the navigation software and the IENC charts up-to-date and you can always navigate safely and sustainably over the European inland waterways.

Read more about WinGPS Inland in the Skipper's Manual (Dutch) and the brochure Inside WinGPS Inland (Dutch).

Upgrade vanaf WinGPS 5

Do you already own WinGPS 5 Pro or Voyager? Then you have the option of a cost-effective upgrade to WinGPS Inland. You get a € 200,- discount on the purchase price of WinGPS Inland and your old WinGPS 5 will be blocked. This means you only pay € 299,- (excl. VAT).

Stentec 35 years

Stentec Navigation is specialised in digital navigation for water sporters and commercial shipping.


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