WinGPS Marine!
Navigate on your iPad and iPhone

Ideal for navigation on your sloop, sailing yacht, motor ship or canoe.

✔ Load the map of your sailing area and view the current depths, bouyage and other water sport information.

✔ Always know where you are, how fast you are sailing and what your course is using GPS (internal or bluetooth).

✔ Place a navigation waypoint and sail there using the course line, the Course to Steer and the Distance to Go.

✔ See your sailed track on the chart.

✔ Show the distance circles around you GPS position.

WinGPS Marine for iOS

Ideal for navigation on your sloop, sailing yacht, motor ship or canoe. WinGPS Marine for iOS is our first app for the iPad and iPhone. The app originated from the beta version that has been enthusiastically tested by many WinGPS users.

The iOS app is ideal for use with our open water charts, such as the popular DKW 1800 series. Now that the waterway network has been added, the app is also suitable for use on inland waterways, such as with the DKW Vaarkaart Nederland.

Here's an overview of all our apps for iOS, including the latest news about them.

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The charts that can be used in this app, are Stentec’s own DKW-charts. For example the free chart DKW Frisian Lakes or the well-known DKW 1800-series for the Dutch coastal waters, including weekly update services.

At the first start-up of the app, you will be asked to log in with your account. The free default online maps from Apple are available in the app for orientation. The DKW-charts, which are connected to your account, can be downloaded directly in this app and be used for navigation.

Note: only charts from 2018 and newer can be used in this app. Do you have older charts? Then you can renew them in our online shop. Click here to renew your cards >


System requirements

Storage space
58 MB of storage space for the app itself, but of course there must
also be sufficient storage space for your DKW charts.
Minimum iOS 12.0

WinGPS Marine for iOS can be used on devices with iOS 12.0 and newer. If your device has an older iOS version, you can check in your system settings if the operating system can be updated. When the operating system is up-to-date, the following devices will be suited:


  • iPhone 5S (2013)
  • iPhone 6 (2014)
  • iPhone 6 Plus (2014)
  • iPhone 6S (2015)
  • iPhone 6S Plus (2015)

  • And newer models.


  • iPad mini 2 (2013)
  • iPad Air (2013)
  • iPad mini 3 (2014)
  • iPad Air 2 (2014)
  • iPad mini 4 (2015)
  • iPad Pro 12.9 (2015)

  • And newer models.


  • iPod touch GEN 6 (2015)

  • And newer models.

Note: not every device mentioned above has a built-in GPS receiver. If your device does not have an internal GPS receiver, you can use a Bluetooth GPS receiver

Do you have questions about WinGPS Marine for iOS? Click here to view the Frequently Asked Questions.

Let us know what you think
In the coming period, the app will of course be further upgraded, optimized and new (possibly paid) features will be added. We would like to continue to receive your feedback about the current version and any wishes for future versions via the feedback form