DKW ID70: Mediterranean East

Since 2009 Stentec Software publishes the famous Imray charts digitally. These are based on the paper charts and feature the same well known Imray colors.

Covering area

The Mediterranean coast on the Aegean Sea: the coast from Southeast Greece to the westcoast of Turkey.

Depth image

The depths are shown in the recognizable Imray colors: deep waters are blue and shallows are shown in whites. This configuration is the opposite of the DKW 1800, DKW German Bight and DKW English & Scottish Eastcoast.

Stentec publishes the DKW Imray series annually. All data is supplied by Imray. During the edition year 2 free updates are published in April and July, giving you the most up-to-date charts during your voyage.

This hybrid chartset consists of, a.o.

  • 141 Detailed charts for orientation and route planning (min. scale 1:5.000).

Chart image

The DKW Imray series are comprised of raster charts. Because of this, the charts are an exact copy of the paper versions and you will see pixels when zoomed in to the maximum amount. The advantage of this is that all information, for example buoyage or shallows, are projected on the exact coordinates. When using vector charts a misleading image can show up when zooming in.

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System requirements

Windows laptop or PC:
  • Official WinGPS 5 version
  • 660 MB free disc space
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 with DirectX 9 video card (or higher)
Android tablet or smartphone:
  • Official WinGPS Marine version
  • 660 MB free disc space
  • Android operating system, minimum of 2 GB RAM

This chart set can be used in the free WinGPS 5 Lite for Windows and can also be installed in the WinGPS Marine apps for Android. For route planning with rotating chart and AIS you will need WinGPS 5 Pro or the paid version of WinGPS Marine. Click here for more information about the WinGPS series.

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