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WinGPS 6

Are you looking for help pages for WinGPS 6? This innovative navigation program is based on WinGPS 5 and therefore basically shares many functionalities and working methods. The help pages for WinGPS 5 (below) may already be able to answer your question. As soon as new manuals, instructional videos or other help pages specific to WinGPS 6 become available, they will also be listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Below you can find an overview of the most frequently asked questions about different WinGPS versions:

Installation help
Install your products step by step with this guide:

WinGPS 5 for Windows – including video’s
WinGPS Marine for Android
Offline installation onboard for Windows
NV charts in WinGPS for Windows
NOAA charts offline in WinGPS 5 (Windows) and WinGPS Marine (Android)
Installation IENC charts in WinGPS for Windows

Here you will find a collection of manuals and price lists about WinGPS 5, WinGPS Inland and the Sail Simulator:


Help Center

• Download and install WinGPS and DKW charts.
• Set up WinGPS
• Backup and Restore WinGPS
• Pair and set up on-board equipment
• Route planning and the route network
• AIS in WinGPS
• Teamviewer installation and usage


Instruction video's
On our YouTube channel you can find instructional videos in which we show and verbally explain the products, such as:

• Download, install WinGPS 5 and DKW charts
• Setting WinGPS 5
• Connect and configure on-board equipment in WinGPS 5
• Route planning in WinGPS 5
• AIS in WinGPS 5
• Current and tide data in WinGPS 5
• Teamviewer installation and usage


Helpfile WinGPS 5
WinGPS 5 contains an (almost) complete help file. You will find this in WinGPS under 'Help Content' and you can view it offline. In this help file (almost) everything is fully explained, including images and videos. Use the menu to search by subject, or the handy search function and glossary.


Every now and then we put tips in a newsletter that are worth keeping:

Plan a route in WinGPS 5 in 10 steps -

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