WinGPS Service Card

The WinGPS Service Card is a card that Stentec released every year and was exclusively available to WinGPS 5 licensees. By purchasing this card you were entitled to all updates of WinGPS 5 of the year of the Service Card. Think of additions & improvements to the route network, bridges & locks and new functions in WinGPS 5. You could also make use of great discounts and benefits.

Would you also like to receive the new version (including associated updates) of your WinGPS 5/6 in 2024? Then you can opt for the new Premium Subscription.

The WinGPS Service Card 2022 was available until March 20, 2022.

Do you have the Service Card 2022? Then you will have received the upgrade to WinGPS 6 - 2022 for free in December 2022. To keep your WinGPS 6 up to date in 2024 and to use the latest functionalities, we recommend the Premium Subscription.