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WinGPS 5 Pro

This advanced program enables you to navigate on digital water charts amongst others DKW 1800-series, Imray or NV-Verlag.

  • GPS positioning with tracking chart.
  • Route planner for open water and inland water ways.
  • Up-to-date weather information from GRIB files
  • Current- and Tidal information.
  • NMEA instruments.
  • AIS-connection, transponders and receivers.

Connecting to NMEA instruments like GPS, compass, wind, log, autopilot, depth or AIS turns your laptop into a complete navigation centre.

A easy-to-read vector diagram shows speed over ground, speed, wind and current. It is possible to navigate with just a GPS mouse. Due to range rings and the rotating map option WinGPS Pro is most suitable for motorboats and inland waterway skippers. A safety ring with CPA alarm prevents running into other AIS ships.

GPS navigation on your laptop
WinGPS 5 Pro is a route planner which you can install on your (Windows) laptop. Connecting the on-board instruments changes your laptop into a complete navigation centre. Extra options in the Pro version in comparison with the Navigator version are connection with NMEA instruments and current/tidal information. Using the time slide you will see what will happen on the chart. Ideal for the Waddenzee.

Instrumental control
WinGPS Pro is developed to connect your instruments as easily as possible. Just add a connection between your instruments and the laptop's COM port(s). All collected data from your instruments are displayed in WinGPS 5 Pro clearly.

AIS receiver or transponder
When you connect an AIS receiver or transponder WinGPS will show all ships and beacons on the map. Information like name, destination and MMSI number can be retrieved. You can see speed and changes in course. It will be shown in a bent vector. The adjustable CPA alarm warns for possible accidents with other AIS ships.

Your reliable partner onboard and at home
A big advantage of WinGPS Navigator is the option to prepare your route at home. You are able to install the program on 2 systems. The GRIB-files can be downloaded 7 days in advance and with the time slide in WinGPS you can see the forecast during your jouney.

We recommend having up-to-date charts and printing them and your route overview. During your travels, WinGPS Navigator keeps a log for analyzation at a later time.

WinGPS 5 Pro is prepared for abnormalities in your GPS by sun flares. Increased solar activity will cause sun flares more often which cause enormous GPS failures. WinGPS 5 Pro is set up for this and will display your position without problems.

System requirements:
Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 with DirectX 9 video card (or higher).

When WinGPS 5 Lite is running on your system without any problems WinGPS 5 Navigator, Pro and Voyager will also work flawlessly.

Try our navigation software for free with WinGPS 5 Lite for Windows.

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