Available now: DKW Southwest Germany 2018

The 2018 edition of the DKW Southwest Germany is available. Ideal when plotting a beautiful course of Maas-Moselle-Rhein.

In the new edition a lot of changes have been made. Below you will find a list of the most important updates. When you have already bought the chart in the pre-sale, it can be downloaded right away.

New in 2018

  • City names are now shown as waypoints and will rotate along with the chart. Also, the bigger cities are shown with a larger icon which will also show on higher scaling levels.
  • Data has been actualized: buoy positions, sign information and marina contact details have been updated according to the most recent available information.
  • Along the Lahn, interesting campings have been added for pleasure boaters: campings who offer either jetties or rent out canoos and boats to their guests.
  • The waterski and fast-shipping zones have been marked more clearly with a waypoint with added information about the specific location.
  • New detailed charts have been added for harbours.


Click on an image to get a view of the actual chartview within WinGPS.

When you already have the 2017 edition of the DKW Southwest Germany, we offer a special upgrade edition of this chart set for a reduced price. In our webshop, choose the '2017 edition' in the 'upgrade from' option and follow the instructions. If you have the Service Card 2018 you will automatically receive a € 20,- discount which will make the grand total for the upgrade only € 49,90!

WinGPS 5 Pro laptop navigation

Last week we informed you about laptop navigation with WinGPS 5 Navigator, the basic navigation software of the WinGPS 5 series. This week we will shine a light on WinGPS 5 Pro.

Laptop navigation with WinGPS 5 Pro
The Pro version is the navigational software for commercial shipping and pleasure boaters who want more than just basic navigation.

A lot of users usually upgrade from WinGPS 5 Navigator to the Pro version quickly because of all the extra options available in WinGPS 5 Pro. E.g. connecting extra board equipment such as AIS, tidal information and planning multiple day routes or more complex routes.

AIS – see and be seen
From € 299,-
Just looking around the corner of a busy waterway for a quick peek on what's to come is very easy with the use of AIS. While the numbers of AIS users on pleasure ships is increasing mostly all commercial ships are equipped with AIS Using AIS, you can see all large and especially fast vessels in one glance: what is their position, what is their speed and which course are they steering. See illustration 2.

During your trip along the canals, seeing oncoming objects is very handy. By using the course up mode your ship will remain upright on your screen and the chart will turn around it automatically. See illustration 1.

Illustration 1

Illustration 2

Illustration 3

Click on an image for an animated view.

Tidal information
When you are planning on defying the open waters WinGPS 5 Pro can accomodate for water heights and tidal flows. Falling dry or planning a crossing will be possible this way. See illustration 3.

Long voyages through Europe
With the addition of the waterway network for Western Europe you can easily plan a route for multiple days. When planning the route, not only will the software take in to account the dimensions of waterways, bridges and locks, but also the pre-indicated sailing hours. This way you can immediately see the real duration of the trip, and planning an overnight stay in a closeby picturesque village will become child's play.

By downloading the newest shipping notifications in WinGPS 5 Pro, you can immediately see all obstructions along your route. With these notifications you can check if obstructions you came across on earlier trips are still in effect.

Older WinGPS 5 Pro?
When your edition of WinGPS 5 Pro is of 2017 or older you can upgrade to the 2018 edition. In the 2018 edition managing your routes has become easier and new buttons are added for extra customization of your charts and the data, for example tracks, displayed on top. Click here for a complete overview of all new functions and changes going back to WinGPS 5 Pro 2011.

WinGPS 5 Voyager
If you are sailing regattas or are planning large sailing voyages you can use WinGPS 5 Voyager, which is specifically designed for sailors. Download the latest wave predictions, wind, current and water heights and plot routes using your own polar diagram. Upgrade from the Pro to WinGPS 5 Voyager now!