2018 editions of NV-Verlag now available for WinGPS 5

Great news for all sailors who venture outside of the Dutch open waters. Most of the NV-Verlag charts are available in the 2018 editions. Some new chart sets were added to the assortment and the charts for crossing the Atlantic Ocean have returned! Follow this link for a full overview of all NV-Verlag charts.

Trip around the Baltic
The popular Baltic chart sets are delivered as combination package: a paper chart set, a harbour plan book and a download with which the charts can be installed in WinGPS 5.

For voyages to the Baltic sea we recommend the use of our DKW 1800 series and our DKW German Bight. Both chart sets are updated weekly, connect seemlessly and will connect to the NV-Verlag Series 1 chart set.

Click on the image for morea information about the NV-Verlag chart sets.

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean
A welcome addition are the chart sets for crossing the Atlantic Ocean. These are 3 new chart sets which cover the Atlantic Ocean from France, Portugal and Spain up until Canada, America and the Caribbean, including detailed charts of the Canary Isles, Azores, Madeira, Cape Verde and the coast of Northern Spain and Portugal. The charts connect flawlessly with the Imray charts or the NOAA charts.

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It is our experience that a lot of our users prefer our help with the use of Teamviewer. With Teamviewer we are able to log on to your computer via the internet, which makes it possible to help you over long distances while you're at home or aboard without having to come to our store.

Thanks to the easy way of installation and the use of Teamviewer we experienced a lower demand for opening our store on Saturdays. Hopefully most of our users are sailing then. Because of this we have decided to only open on a few specific Saturdays during the season, making it possible to help you as efficiently as possible through the rest of the week. If you want to visit on a different Saturday, please contact us for an appointment.

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