Sail safely until 2019 with the new DKW 1800 series 2018

DKW 1800 Complete

Our newest chart release for 2018 is the well known DKW 1800 series, based on the paper charts produced by the Dutch Hydrographic Service. Starting now you can purchase the new editions in our online shop.

The DKW 1800 series 2018 are fully up-to-date and receive weekly updates through BaZ (Notices to Mariners) for all of 2018. Updating the charts is easy in WinGPS 5 and in the WinGPS Marine series. While starting up the software, all charts are checked for updates when an internet connection is available and can be downloaded immediately.

If you have the DKW 1800 series 2017 you charts will no longer be updated and the last BaZ update will be of week 52 (2017). If you want to upgrade your DKW 1800 Complete 2017 to the 2018 edition, you can purchase the upgrade version.

If your edition is older than 2017 you can purchase the new edition directly and will receive all updates for 2018.

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DKW Imray serie 2018 now available!

The new editions of the DKW Imray charts are available for purchase in our online store as of today. When purchased, you automatically gain the right to all updates to the chart set during 2018.

When you have 2017 editions of any of these charts, you can buy a 2018 upgrade version of this chart for a reduced price. When in our shop, choose 'upgrade from', select the edition you have and follow the steps.

DKW Imray series 2018
Since 2009 Stentec Software publishes the famous Imray charts digitally. These are based on the paper charts and feature the same well known Imray colors. A great advantage of these charts is the large area coverage per set.

Below you will find a list of all 2018 editions of the Imray chart sets. A large number of charts has been updated. The most important changes were made to depth images in estuaries and changes in obstructions according to the NtM, the British 'Notices to Mariners'.

€ 129,90

€ 129,90

€ 129,90

€ 129,90

€ 129,90
€ 129,90
€ 129,90
€ 129,90

If you purchased the Imray charts in the presale, you can install the new 2018 editions directly in WinGPS. In WinGPS 5 (Windows) you will find the update in the News center and in WinGPS Marine (Android) the updates are shown during start up of the app. You will need a working internet connection when updating.