WinGPS Marine

After purchasing WinGPS Marine, you will unlock the full capabilities of your personal navigation system. You are now able to plot routes, download GRIB files, save previous tracks and connect AIS and GPS. Use the handy time table to view the predicted wind, rain, air pressure and AIS targets. The functions described below are in addition to the functions of WinGPS Marine Lite.

Route Navigation

With this app you can create routes and edit them while on the move. Longpress the screen to create a single waypoint or multiple to create a route. You can create multiple routes, and give each route and routepoint a unique name.

Track management

You can automatically record the sailed tracks. The tracks will be saved to review or share later. You can give each sailed track a unique name.

Meteo data

You can download Meteo predictions for a selected area. The wind, air pressure and rainfall can be plotted on the chart view using downloadable GRIB information.

AIS (Automatic Identification System)

Your AIS receiver can communicate with the app using a wireless connection using WIFI or Bluetooth. With AIS you see all surrounding ships plotted on the chart view. You can also bring up the targets in a list, and if you tap a ship's name you can see all the AIS target data. The built-in AIS collision alarm helps you in making important decisions.

Time Bar

By using the time bar you can see the prediction on your track. By sliding it forward you will see the upcoming weather, and tidal information if available.

Follow GPS position

When this function is activated, your GPS position will be centered on your screen and the underlying chart will move under it. Multiple following options are available: 'North up', 'Course up' & 'Compass mode'.

NOAA Tiles

Activate the NOAA Tiles in your chart manager. When you have a working internet connection all available NOAA charts will automatically be shown.

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