Service Card 2019: available for one more week!

There are only a few days left to purchase the WinGPS Service Card 2019! Up until the 22nd of February 2019 the Service Card will be available.

Service Card 2019

By purchasing the Service Card we can garuantee you have the most up-to-date version of WinGPS 5. Thanks to all the changes and new functions we add to WinGPS 5, you can assure yourself of having a safe navigational system at all times. When you purchase the Service Card you also give us the means to keep improving our software and provide you with an even better product.

With the WinGPS Service Card 2019 you will benefit from:

  • Be the first to receive WinGPS 5 2019 (worth € 70,-).
  • All updates for WinGPS 5 2019: route network, bridges & locks and new features.
  • Early acces to the exclusive bèta version of our WinGPS app for iOS.
  • € 20,- discount on all 100% Stentec DKW chart sets 2019 editions.
  • Free NLTides currents & tides for 2019 worth € 19,90 (Pro and Voyager).
  • Free installation of Stentec products (in our store in Heeg).
  • Exclusive fair and event offers.

WinGPS 5 - 2019

In 2019 we will focus our attention on improving on the user friendliness of WinGPS 5. Important parts in user friendliness are, for example, a clearer menu structure, better accessibility and findability of functions and an easier way to update GRIB files and shipping notifications.

In the last update for WinGPS 5 - 2018 we added the option to load IENC charts. For the 2019 edition we want to improve on this function and add extra options which make it possible to make optimal use of both IENC and DKW charts.

After February 22nd the only way to receive WinGPS 5 - 2019 is by purchasing an upgrade. The upgrade is more expensive than the Service Card and you won't be able to take advantage of all extra benefits the Service Card offers.

DKW Imray series 2019 now available!

The new editions of the DKW Imray charts are available for purchase in our online store as of today. Ideal for your voyages along the robust Atlantic coast, the culturally rich Mediterranean sea coasts or the Caribic paradise islands.

When purchased, you automatically gain the right to all updates to the chart set during 2019. When you have 2018 editions of any of these charts, you can buy a 2019 upgrade version of this chart for a reduced price. When in our shop, choose 'upgrade from', select the edition you have and follow the steps.

DKW Imray series 2019

Since 2009 Stentec Software publishes the famous Imray charts digitally. These are based on the paper charts and feature the same well known Imray colors. A great advantage of these charts is the large area coverage per set.

Below you will find a list of all 2018 editions of the Imray chart sets. Over 500 charts have been updated. A number of charts have been added to DKW ID50 and DKW ID70 for safer navigation around the Balearic islands and the Sea of Marmara. Because of these charts, it is now easier to sail to Istanbul and other islands. A new windmill park has been realised in the Sussex Bay. This has been added to the DKW ID20.

€ 129,90
€ 129,90
€ 129,90
€ 129,90
€ 129,90
€ 129,90
€ 129,90
€ 129,90

Pre sale

If you purchased the Imray charts in the presale, you can install the new 2019 editions directly in WinGPS. In WinGPS 5 (Windows) you will find the update in the News center and in WinGPS Marine (Android) the updates are shown during start up of the app. You will need a working internet connection when updating.

WinGPS 5 or WinGPS Marine

The DKW charts are compatible with both WinGPS 5 (for Windows) and WinGPS Marine (for Android). If you have both software packages it is possible to load these charts in both programs without having to buy extra licenses.

WinGPS 5
WinGPS Marine