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NEW: Android subscription DKW the Netherlands

If you are only sailing for a few weeks per year and are looking for affordable navigation on the Dutch inland waters you can download our newest Android app now: DKW the Netherlands.

With this app you can purchase a subscription for our Dutch inland water chart and easily create simple routes. Navigating on a tablet or smartphone becomes particularly suitable for sailboats and motorboats as well as dinghies, fisherboats and canoes.

DKW the Netherlands
For only € 15,- you can start using the DKW the Netherlands North or South for a month on an Android tablet or smartphone. The first 3 days of use are free of charge.

Thanks to the biweekly updates, the accurate surface chart and the help of many long-time users this chart always remains up-to-date. With nearly 40.000 waypoints all information on buoys, harbours, berths, diesel filling stations, watersport campings and VHF channels can be found on the chart. With a scale of 2 meter per pixel the chart has a large detailed view and makes it possible to zoom in up until your home port.

Try now for 3 days free of charge

Navigation on a tablet
Navigation has never been this easy thanks to the DKW the Netherlands app. After downloading the chart files and turning on the (internal) GPS, you will immediately see your speed, course and position on the chart. By placing a navigational waypoint on the chart, the shortest route to this point will be plotted on the route network. Giving you information about the total distance to your destination and estimated time of arrival when maintaining your current speed. Discover how simple mobile navigation can be!