Update DKW 1811 and 1812 - 2019

The 2019 editions of the 1811 Wadden Sea West and 1812 Wadden Sea East were newly published in April by the Hydrographic Service and, of course, were also included directly in the updates of our DKW 1800 series 2019.

The update renews the bottom layer of the charts, among onther things. This mainly concerns changes in depth lines. A large part of the Wadden Sea was measured again in 2018 and early 2019. Some improvements have also been applied to the charts:

•  The buoyage direction is indicated more clearly. Color symbols next to the arrow indicate on which side of the navigation channel the red and green bouyage lie. See image.

•  The depth lines are blue instead of black, giving the map a fresher look.

•  All BaZ messages (NtM) are processed in the new charts, including the P&T messages.

•  The sailing route over the Waardgronds no longer has bouyage but has been opened for a limited period of the year. This will be announced via further BaZ reporting. The route is now shown as a dotted line on the map.

Are you already in possession of the 2019 edition of these cards?

Then you can download the updates for free in WinGPS.

DKW 1811 Wadden Sea West

DKW 1812 Wadden Sea East

Always up-to-date

These chart sets provide you with the free weekly update service of the BaZ-messages (NtM). You have the option to use the charts on the laptop and simultaneously on an Android device. This way you can always have an up-to-date map in your pocket for these busy and changing waters. As soon as a new paper chart is issued by the Hydrographic Service, license holders of the DKW 1800 series can download the chart digitally. If desired, the charts can also be printed for your own use.

The current depth marks of Rijkswaterstaat are supplied with these charts. The depths are shown in both NAP and LAT. These depth marks are updated monthly. Perfect for those who want to plan a tidal crossing.


DKW Imray-series 2019 Update
A major update for the DKW Imray charts was released last month. Many changes have been made to the charts of the Channel, the mouth of the Thames, along the Portuguese coast to Gibraltar, large parts of the Mediterranean and around Greece.

Do you own a DKW Imray-2019 chart? Then you can now download the update for free in WinGPS. In WinGPS 5 you can do this in the News Center and with WinGPS Marine you can download the updates when starting the app.

What's new?

DKW ID10 English and Scottish East coast

  • C1 Thames Estuary
  • Y14 The Swale

Total update is 686,2 MB

DKW ID20 English Channel

  • C1 Thames Estuary
  • 2300+11 River Dart − New chart
  • C10 Western English Channel
  • C12 Eastern English Channel
  • Y40 River Exe − New chart

Total update is 1 GB

DKW ID40 Atlantic coast France, Portugal to Gibraltar

  • C19 A Coruña to Gibraltar − New chart

Total update is 749,3 MB

DKW ID50 Mediterranean West

  • M40 Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas

Total update is 796 MB

DKW ID60 Mediterranean Central

  • G1 Mainland Greece and the Peloponnisos
  • G11 North Ionian Islands
  • G12 South Ionian Islands − New chart
  • G121 The Inland Sea − New chart
  • G13 Gulfs of Patras and Corinth
  • G16 Western Peloponnisos − New chart

Total update is 530,6 MB

DKW ID70 Mediterranean East

  • G13 Gulfs of Patras and Corinth
  • G14 Saronic and Argolic Gulfs − New chart
  • G141 Saronikos Kolpos − New chart
  • G31 Northern Cyclades − New chart
  • G34 Southern Cyclades
  • G36 Marmaris to Kekova Adasi

Total update is 686,7 MB

Are you not yet in possession of the 2019 edition of the Imray charts? Order them now in our online shop, after which you may download and install the charts immediately.

Is your navigation ready for the new sailing season?

With the great weather predictions for the upcoming Easter weekend, this is the ideal moment to check if your navigational system is ready for operations and if everything is up-to-date.

Updating WinGPS and charts

With the 2019 release of WinGPS 5, the DKW1800 series and the popular DKW The Netherlands, the sailing season can now start properly. To prepare yourself properly, we advise you to update your charts and navigational software before you start your trip. This way you will ensure yourself of the most up-to-date navigational data and will leave you without any surprises along the way.

You are welcome to visit our store in Heeg. When you bring your laptop or tablet with you, you can check if your system is up-to-date with one of our shop assistants. We recommend you make an appointment beforehand. We can also check and update your system remotely using TeamViewer when you give us a call.

GPS receiver

Have you tested your GPS receiver yet? After the GPS rollover of early April 2019, it is possible your GPS receiver will no longer function properly. Our usb GPS receivers are a great alternative. They are easy to install and have a high accuracy while sailing.

DKW The Netherlands 2019 available now!

The 2019 edition of the DKW The Netherlands is now available. Ideal when you are planning a route on the many lakes, channels and rivers in The Netherlands. Even the smallest lakes and fosses are available, from 0,6 meter depth.

A lot of updates were added to the new edition. Below you will find an overview with the most important updates. When you already have the 2019 edition of the DKW The Netherlands, you can download the updates right away. In WinGPS 5 via the News Center or in WinGPS Marine at startup of the app.

New in 2019

  • Between the Randmeren and the IJssel, south of Kampen, a new waterway was added: the Reevediep.
  • In Leeuwarden, a special route has been added for dinghies between the Potmarge and the Van Harinxmakanaal. A new shortcut has been added from the Kurkemeer to Tijnje.
  • The 3rd lock chamber for the Beatrixsluizen in Nieuwegein is now available for use.
  • Between Schiedam and Delft a curve in the waterway has been cut off.
  • A new lake has been formed east of Grou, between the Wijde Ee and the Pikmeer: the Suderburds Wiid.

Optimized for 'course up' mode

The DKW The Netherlands is optimized for 'course up' and 'head up' mode. This has been realized by taking a large number of city names and area names off of the chart and placing them in waypoint groups. Waypoint labels remain upright with a rotating chart. A big advantage is a calmer chart image. The 'course up' mode is available in WinGPS 5 Pro & Voyager and WinGPS Marine Plus.


When you have the 2018 edition of the DKW The Netherlands, we offer a special upgrade price. In our shop, choose '2018 edition' at the 'upgrade from' option an follow the steps. When you have our Service Card 2019, you will receive an additional € 20,- discount making the upgrade cost only € 59,90!

DKW The Netherlands 2019 in 'course up' mode.


The new lake between the Wijde Ee and the Pikmeer near Grou.

WinGPS 5 of WinGPS Marine

All DKW chart sets can be used in both WinGPS 5 for Windows, WinGPS Marine for Android and in the bèta version of WinGPS Marine for iOS.

Need help installing?

The DKW The Netherlands 2019 is available in our online shop, our store in Heeg and through our dealers.

When you want help with purchasing or installing the charts, you can contact us via our contact form or visit us in our store. Here we can install the DKW The Netherlands and all of our other charts right away. We advise you to make an appointment beforehand.

When you have a good working internet connection, we can even install the charts remotely via Teamviewer.

Large update for chartset UK1 2019

We released a large update for the DKW UK1 English and Scottish east coast 2019. In WinGPS 5 you can download the update via the news center and in WinGPS Marine you will find the update as soon as you start the app. Ofcourse, you will need a working internet connection.

In most cases the updates consist of the last changes based on the 'NtM', the 'Notices to Mariners' from the British Hydrografic Services. Important changes are, a.o. the gray contour lines around windmill farms. Also, the light sectors near Lerwick have been added.

A.o. the following charts were updated:

  • England - East coast: 105, 106, 108
  • Scotland - East coast: 210
  • Shetland Islands: 3272, 3282, 328, 3292, 3295
  • Yell Sound: 3298


Gray contour lines have been added aroud windmill farms.


Light sectors have been added near Lerwick.

WinGPS 5 or WinGPS Marine

The DKW charts are compatible with both WinGPS 5 for Windows and WinGPS Marine for Android (and soon for iOS). If you have both software packages it is possible to load these charts in both programs without having to buy extra licenses.