2018 editions of NV-Verlag now available for WinGPS 5

Great news for all sailors who venture outside of the Dutch open waters. Most of the NV-Verlag charts are available in the 2018 editions. Some new chart sets were added to the assortment and the charts for crossing the Atlantic Ocean have returned! Follow this link for a full overview of all NV-Verlag charts.

Trip around the Baltic
The popular Baltic chart sets are delivered as combination package: a paper chart set, a harbour plan book and a download with which the charts can be installed in WinGPS 5.

For voyages to the Baltic sea we recommend the use of our DKW 1800 series and our DKW German Bight. Both chart sets are updated weekly, connect seemlessly and will connect to the NV-Verlag Series 1 chart set.

Click on the image for morea information about the NV-Verlag chart sets.

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean
A welcome addition are the chart sets for crossing the Atlantic Ocean. These are 3 new chart sets which cover the Atlantic Ocean from France, Portugal and Spain up until Canada, America and the Caribbean, including detailed charts of the Canary Isles, Azores, Madeira, Cape Verde and the coast of Northern Spain and Portugal. The charts connect flawlessly with the Imray charts or the NOAA charts.

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Visit our store in Heeg this season!

Our store is located in the picturesque and water sports rich town of Heeg. In our store you will find all options to view and experience our navigation software and water charts. We will also help you with the installation of our software and will fix any problems you might encounter. After visiting our store you will be able to continue your voyage much safer.

It is our experience that a lot of our users prefer our help with the use of Teamviewer. With Teamviewer we are able to log on to your computer via the internet, which makes it possible to help you over long distances while you're at home or aboard without having to come to our store.

Thanks to the easy way of installation and the use of Teamviewer we experienced a lower demand for opening our store on Saturdays. Hopefully most of our users are sailing then. Because of this we have decided to only open on a few specific Saturdays during the season, making it possible to help you as efficiently as possible through the rest of the week. If you want to visit on a different Saturday, please contact us for an appointment.

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The most complete water chart of the Netherlands

The 2018 edition of DKW The Netherlands is available now. Great for planning routes along the many lakes, canals and rivers in the Netherlands. Even the shallowest lakes and channels are included, starting from depths of 0,6 meters.

In the new edition a lot of changes were made. Below you will find a list of the most important changes. IF you already purchased the 2018 edition of this chart set, you can easily download the updates from the news center in WinGPS 5 (Windows) or during start up of the app WinGPS Marine (Android).

New in 2018

  • Actualised chart image based on TOP10NL (source: aerial fotos 2016 & 2017).
  • New chart for Amsterdam, based on the most recent harbour chart from 'Port of Amsterdam'.
  • New depth image based on the new Inland ENC charts, for a.o. Zeeland, Dordrecht, Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal, Gelderse IJssel, Rotterdam with Maasvlakte and the Aktewateren with Rijn and Waal up until Lobith. Other areas will follow during the course of 2018.
  • New detailed depth image of the Rotterdam harbours up until 'Noord'.
  • New depth numbers for the Friese Meren, based on depth measurements from the 'Provincie Fryslân'. Including 2 dm correction, taking into account shake off, waves, bottom slope, depth variations and water level changes.
  • Moorings for commercial shipping are shown as white rectangles.
  • Bridge pillars are shown on the charts.
  • Many changes in water sports information shown on the charts, such as buoyage, moorings, harbours, etc. Mostly thanks to user feedback.
  • An important update for the 'Marrekrite' moorings in Friesland is expected in April.
  • During the sailing season the chart will be updated biweekly, when relevant changes are available.

Grevelingen - New Inland ENC depth image.

Rotterdam - Detailed depth image and moorings for commercial shipping.

Friese Meren - New depth information from 'Provincie Fryslân'

DKW Northern France now available as 2018 edition

The 2018 editions of the DKW Vaarkaart Northern France are now available. A great set for your travels to romantic Paris or as part of the Maas-Moselle-Rhine tour.

In the new edition a lot of changes were made. Below you will find an overview of the most important changes. When you bought this chart set in our pre sale, it can be downloaded immediately.

New in 2018

  • The chart image has been updated and the water surfaces have been made more accurate.
  • The fast shipping zones and water ski zones are marked more clearly.
  • The maximum speed signs and the keep distance from shore signs are shown more clearly.
  • Extra detailed charts were added where it helps navigating. For example, around Paris' center, Strasbourg and Dunkirk.
  • More city names were added, which rotate along with the charts.

Strasbourg - the Rhine - Border passage

Paris - the Seine

Updates DKW 1805 & DKW 1807

The Dutch Hydrografic Service has released a new paper version for the 2018 edition of the DKW 1805 and DKW 1807. The previous update was in 2012.

Large parts of the Zeeuwse and South Holland waters have been re-measured last year and the new depth images have been added to the charts. Waterway marks around gullies and harbours have been updated, e.g. the Oranjeplaat and the Pietermanskreek (See images below). Some new charts were added, with a.o. Steenbergen, Oude Tonge and the Roompot Marina.

The Oranjeplaat

The Pietermanskreek

If you have a 2018 license of one of these charts you can update the charts immediately from within WinGPS 5 through the news center. At startup of WinGPS 5 (with a working internet connection) the news center will show the updates automatically. If the news center doesn't start, click 'Help - Open news center'. In WinGPS Marine the update will be shown during start up if you have a working internet connection.

If you haven't purchased the 2018 edition of the DKW 1800 series, you can order them now in our online shop. As soon as the payment has been accepted, the charts will become visible in your account and can be downloaded via the DKW Manager or WinGPS Marine.

DKW 1805
€ 24,90

DKW 1807
€ 24,90