DKW Belgium 2019

The 2019 edition of the DKW Belgium chart set is available now. Ideal for trips along the beautiful Maas with its picturesque towns.

In the new edition a lot of changes have been made. Below you will find an overview of the most important updates in this chart set.

New in the 2019 edition

  • The chart set is made suitable for a rotating chart view (course-up mode). This mode is available in WinGPS 5 Pro & Voyager and the paid versions of WinGPS Marine.
  • The data has been actualised: the positions of buoys, the information on the signs and the contact information for harbours has been updated, based on the most recent available information.
  • The ENC charts of Wallonia have been added to the chart set.
  • Marks have been added for shore power connections.
  • The chart image is slightly lighter compared to the previous edition. The transition to other chart sets will be less noticable.
  • Detailed charts are better atuned to one another resulting in better navigation through locks.
  • All closed diesel stations have been removed from the charts.

When you have the 2017 edition of the DKW Belgium, we offer a special upgrade price for this chart set. In our webshop, at 'upgrade from' choose the '2017 edition' and follow the steps. If you also have a Service Card 2018, you will receive an extra discount of € 20,-. The chart upgrade will only cost you € 49,90!

New DKW chart: Rhine and Moselle

The first DKW chart set for 2019 is available now: DKW Rhine and Moselle. This new chart set is based on the German, French and Swiss IENC water charts and will be updated when important changes are made to the IENC charts.

This chart set has been made especially for use with WinGPS 5 with rotating chart and AIS. It can also be used in combination with WinGPS Marine.

Covering area
The DKW Rhine and Moselle contains the Rhine from Lobith up until Basel and the Moselle from Koblenz up until Toul and Nancy in France.

Depth image
This chart set has a unique and clear depth image. The chart is published annualy by Stentec, based on OpenStreetMap, IENC charts and user remarks. The chart has a high level of detail with 2 meter per pixel, making it possible to zoom in up until the jetties at your home port.

This hybrid chartset consist of, a.o.

  • 1 Overview chart (scale 1:72.000, 20m/pixel).
  • 39 Detailed charts for orientation and route planning (scale 1:7.200, 2m/pixel).
  • 64 Highly detailed charts for a.o. lock passages and busy water ways (scale 1:1.800, 0,5 m/pixel).

WinGPS 5 and WinGPS Marine
The DKW charts are compatible with both WinGPS 5 (for Windows) and WinGPS Marine (for Android). If you have both software packages it is possible to load these charts in both programs without having to buy extra licenses.

Quarterly updates Imray 2018


This week, a large update has been released for the DKW Imray chart sets. For example, most charts now show the correct colors for lighting and two large crossing charts have been added.

If you already have one or more DKW Imray 2018 charts, the updates can be downloaded free of charge within WinGPS. In WinGPS 5 this can be done via the news center and in WinGPS Marine the updates will be downloaded at start up.

The combined file size of all Imray updates is 1 GB.


What is new?


DKW ID10 English and Scottish Eastcoast

A large crossing chart has been added for the North Sea.
16 Charts are renewed, especially the English and Scottish coastal waters.
18 Charts are updated, especially the Dutch, Belgian and German coastal waters.

DKW ID20 English Channel

A lot of updates to the British side of the Channel.
7 Charts have been replaced.
17 Charts are renewed, a.o. the river mouth at The Solent.

DKW ID30 British Westcoast & Ireland

A chart has been added for the remote island of Kilda.
73 Charts have been updated.
3 Charts have been replaced.

DKW ID40 France, Portugal to Gibraltar
Including the Azores, Madeira and the Canary Isles.

2 Charts have been replaced for Cascais and Lisboa.
26 Charts have been updated, especially the Portuguese coastal waters.

DKW ID50 Mediterranean West
Gibraltar to Sicily.

2 Charts have been added for Milazzo and the Gulf of Fos.
18 Charts are renewed, especially for the Balearic Isles.
27 Charts have been updated.

DKW ID60 Mediterranean Central
Adriatic and Ionic Sea.
13 Charts have been updated.

DKW ID70 Mediterranean East
From West Turkey up until Southeast Greece

8 Charts have been updated.
12 Charts are renewed, especially for the Turkish Isles and coastal waters.

DKW ID100 Caribbean East
From the Virgin Isles to Trinidad

Large crossing chart has been added for the Caribbean Sea.
2 Charts have been replaced.
10 Charts are renewed and 7 charts have been updated.
Navigating with Android: the WinGPS Marine series

The last few weeks we informed you about navigation on your laptop. Since a couple of years we also provide the option to navigate on Android tablets and smartphones. We want to tell you more about our Android apps.

Navigation on a tablet or smartphone is very useful when you want to be mobile. There is no place onboard where you can't view or change the current navigational information. Chart updates can easily be downloaded via your mobile network or wifi.

In Google Play, your Android devices' app store, you can find the navigation app WinGPS Marine and several chart apps. In this mailing our attention goes to the WinGPS Marine series.


WinGPS Marine Lite
When you install the app WinGPS Marine on your tablet or smartphone, it will start as the free Lite version. By downloading your charts in the app, you will immediately have the tools for a basic navigation system: see your current location, course and speed and mark certain locations by placing a waypoint on the chart.

€ 49,99

WinGPS Marine
When you're starting to get the hang of navigating on a tablet, you will soon realize you want more features. By upgrading to WinGPS Marine you can get started.

Create routes on open water with multiple route points or place your route points on the waterwaynetwork along the inland waters. WinGPS Marine will take the waterway depths and dimensions of bridges and locks into account.

Just before starting your journey, download the latest GRIB files for the weather forecasts and connect your AIS wirelessly. Now you can see the predicted weather and all AIS objects around you without needing an internet connection.

€ 99,99

WinGPS Marine Plus
Are you planning on sailing tidal waters? Or do you want to connect other onboard equipment besides AIS and GPS in WinGPS Marine? You can upgrade to WinGPS Marine Plus.

The well known NLTides, also called HP-33, is also included within WinGPS Marine Plus. With the time bar you can see the stream and tidal information of the Dutch coastal waters on the chart for the entire year.

Connect your anemometer, depth meter, log and compass to a multiplexer with wifi or bluetooth. Your tablet can receive the NMEA data from your onboard equipment wirelessly and all will be shown in WinGPS Marine Plus.

If you already have a license for WinGPS Marine and want to upgrade, you can purchase an upgrade for only € 49,99.

€ 25
Add on for
WinGPS Marine (Plus)

'Kustfijn' model
With this add on you can download highly detailed information for predicted tides and water heights for North Sea, Wadden Sea, Zeeland and the IJsselmeer. The add on is available for WinGPS Marine and WinGPS Marine Plus.

Rijkswaterstaats' depth model is added to the 'Kustfijn' model with the predicted water heights. Making it possible to check the predicted true depths. Enter the depth of your ship and you can see a red line which marks waters that are too shallow to pass. Great in combination with the NLTides while planning a crossing along dry falling areas.

Available for all
WinGPS Marine versions

Android smartwatch app
If you really want to have all navigational information available at all times you can use an Android smartwatch.

You can connect an Android smartwatch with WinGPS Marine on your tablet or smartphone and the smartwatch shows you your current speed and position and also the course to steer and distance to the next waypoint.

By pointing towards a buoy you can add a red course line on your chart in WinGPS Marine. This compass pointer option is activated when you scroll to the rightmost screen in the smartwatch app.

Ideal for regatta sailing!

For more information and images please visit

Summer sale: 15% discount on 100% Stentec charts

Are you planning to take a trip with your ship? Or are you already sailing and came to the conclusion that your charts are out of date? Profit from our special summer sale:

*This summer sale discount will be deducted automatically and is also applicable for
upgrades, chart sets and individual charts.

Which charts are 100% Stentec charts?


Inland waters:

DKW The Netherlands
Complete, North or South

DKW Belgium

DKW Northern France

DKW Southern France

DKW Northwest Germany

DKW Northeast Germany

DKW Southwest Germany

DKW Danube 1 - West

DKW Danube 2 - Central

DKW Danube 3 - East

DWK Chart set 1:
Netherlands, Belgium & Northern France

DKW Chart set 2:
Northwest, Northeast and Southwest Germany

Coastal waters:

DKW 1800 series
Complete, North, South or individual charts
Including weekly update service

DKW German Bight
Including weekly update service

DKW German Baltic coast

DKW UK1 English and Scottish Eastcoast
Including chart of the North sea

Service Card discount
Are you the proud owner of a WinGPS Service Card 2018? Then on top of this 15% summer discount you will get your € 20,- Service Card discount. An upgrade of the DKW The Netherlands 2017 to the 2018 edition will only cost € 47,92!