DKW Imray serie 2018 now available!

The new editions of the DKW Imray charts are available for purchase in our online store as of today. When purchased, you automatically gain the right to all updates to the chart set during 2018.

When you have 2017 editions of any of these charts, you can buy a 2018 upgrade version of this chart for a reduced price. When in our shop, choose 'upgrade from', select the edition you have and follow the steps.

DKW Imray series 2018
Since 2009 Stentec Software publishes the famous Imray charts digitally. These are based on the paper charts and feature the same well known Imray colors. A great advantage of these charts is the large area coverage per set.

Below you will find a list of all 2018 editions of the Imray chart sets. A large number of charts has been updated. The most important changes were made to depth images in estuaries and changes in obstructions according to the NtM, the British 'Notices to Mariners'.

€ 129,90

€ 129,90

€ 129,90

€ 129,90

€ 129,90
€ 129,90
€ 129,90
€ 129,90

If you purchased the Imray charts in the presale, you can install the new 2018 editions directly in WinGPS. In WinGPS 5 (Windows) you will find the update in the News center and in WinGPS Marine (Android) the updates are shown during start up of the app. You will need a working internet connection when updating.

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    Can I purchase the Service Card?
    The Service Card is for all license holders of WinGPS 5 Navigator, Pro or Voyager. Even if you have an older version of WinGPS 5, you can purchase a Service Card and have your navigation software up to date.

    UK1 Update

    On October 10th, another free update was released for the 2017 edition of the DKW UK1 English and Scottish East coast. This is the third and final update for this edition of the chart set. The most important changes were made in the depth image and the expansions of the wind farms, such as the Gunfleet Sands Wind Farm.

    When you have the 2017 edition of the DKW UK1 English and Scottish Eastcoast, you can download the free update immediately from the news center in WinGPS 5 or on start up in WinGPS Marine. With this update you can safely cross using WinGPS.

    DKW Northeast Germany 2018

    The 2018 edition of DKW Northeast Germany is available in our webshop! In the new edition a large number of changes were made. Below you will find a summary of the most important updates.

    The DKW Northeast Germany is developed for sailors, motorboaters and commercial use. Giving a clear overview of the German waterways and ideal in combination with a full version of WinGPS. Thanks to the route network you can quickly plot a course over the inland waters of Northeast Germany, up until Prague.

    The DKW Imray chart sets can be used in WinGPS 5 (for Windows) and in WinGPS Marine (for Android). When purchasing the chart set, you will also receive several updates which are released throughout the coming year.

    New in 2018

    • On the Elbe, the beacons have updated icons which resemble reality with added crosses: St. Joris or St. Andreas.
    • The Nottekanal, south of Berlin, has been made sailable and is now visible on the chart.
    • City names will stay upward when the chart spins in course-up mode.
    • The colour palette for the water ways has been changed from the ENC to our own standard version: deeper water becomes a darker blue.
    • The usual changes in buoys, depths, signs, etc.

    Illustration 1: New icons for crosses.

    Illustration 2: The new Nottekanal.

    Covering area
    All bigger Northeast German waterways are included in this chart set, from the German Baltic coast up until Prague. Including: the Moldau, Saale, Peene, Havel, Müritz, Spree, Elbe, Oder and West Oder.

    Upgrade from 2017
    If you have a 2017 license of the DKW Northeast Germany, you can buy a special priced upgrade edition.

    Upgrades DKW charts 2018

    The 2018 upgrades of our DKW charts are now available. Among them are the popular DKW1800 series and DKW Vaarkaart Nederland. Are you a license holder of the 2017 charts? Then an advantegeous upgrade is available for you and you can use the 2018 charts immediately. It is still based on 2017 data but will be updated during 2018 which allows you to use the most recent charts. This means that you will be up-to-date until 2019.

    Why upgrade now?

    • Sail, plan and practice all winter with recent charts.
    • Be the first to receive the 2018 updates.
    • Weekly updates for DKW1800 and DKW German Bight.
    • DKW Vaarkaart Nederland updates every other week.

    For some help installing your new charts, follow this link.