Summer update WinGPS 5 2017

To make the best and safest start as possible this summer, we released an update for WinGPS 5 for Windows. In this summer update for WinGPS 2017 the waterway network and bridges & locks database have been revised with the latest data. Also, several functions have been either optimized or added.

When you have a WinGPS Service Card 2017 or a license for WinGPS 5 2017, you will receive the update immediately, and can download and install the update from the news center. When the news center does not open automatically when WinGPS is started, click on 'help - open news center'.

WinGPS 5 Navigator
For WinGPS 5 Navigator the following is updated:

  • For the item 'Updated' in the chart manager and the chart status the dates will be shown for all different chart sets (See the image below). Formerly this was only visible for the DKW 1800 series.
  • Because of a software bug sometimes the standard route settings wouldn't be saved correctly after changes were made, this has been solved.

WinGPS 5 Pro
For WinGPS 5 Pro the following is updated, in combination with the above list:

  • The Smart labeling function has been expanded further with the addition of the labels for routes and shipping notifications. This results in an even clearer chart image (See the image below).
  • When multiple shipping notifications were stacked upon one another, only the top message would be shown when clicked upon. When one of these messages will now be clicked on, all messages from all underlying notifications will be shown.
  • The data for the GRIB source 'Weerdata KNMI stations per 10 minuten' had been changed by the KNMI, which made it impossible to load the data within WinGPS. This has been solved.

Example with Smart Labeling disabled.

Example with Smart Labeling enabled.

WinGPS 5 Voyager
For WinGPS 5 Voyager the following is updated, in combination with the above list:

  • Within the GRIB sources you will find a new addition for the wave predictions. Plan a comfortable route with this new mode in which high waves and sharp-to-hauled courses are avoided. View the GRIB data for the Northsea, Waddensea, IJsselmeer, Markermeer and Randmeren.

Click on the image for a larger view.

Delius Klasing 2017

All Delius Klasing charts are available in the 2017 editions. These charts sets consist of 1424 individual charts, divided into 14 sets. A large number of harbour charts have been replaced or updated within these sets.

The Delius Klasing series cover the Baltic Sea area and a part of the Danish and Norse north seacoast, from the Limfjorden to Kaliningrad and from Hamburg up until Stockholm. Also contained in this series are chart sets for the Mediterranean Sea around the Balearic Islands, the Croatian coast (with adjacent areas from Venice to Dubrovnik) and the Bodensea.

Click on one of the images for an enlarged view.

Overview of top selling Delius Klasing sets.

Kieler Bight
& Fühnen

Great Belt
to Bornholm

& Bornholm

Venice - Rijeka -
sibenik - Drvenik V.

Are you ready for the new sailing season?

With the passing of the Easter weekend and the forecasts for upcoming weather we understand you want to go sailing! But are you fully prepared for the new season? Below you will find a checklist which will ensure you are ready.

✔ Software - WinGPS 5 or Marine
In February we released the 2017 editions for WinGPS 5, via this link you will find a description of all the additions in the new editions. An upgrade to the 2017 editions of WinGPS 5 is easily puchased in our webshop. If you have the Service Card 2017 or have already bought the upgrade for WinGPS 5 you can download the upgrade immediately. Log in to your Stentec-account via and go to the 'download overview' for the installation files.

The newest version of WinGPS Marine is 2.67 (12-01-2017). To check if you have the latest version, start WinGPS Marine and go to 'Menu - Over & help'. If your version number differs from the above number, you can intall the updates through the Google Playstore by searching for 'WinGPS Marine' and choosing 'update' on the product page.

✔ DKW water charts
Most of our DKW water charts are available in the 2017 edition. For a safe voyage, with the most up-to-date charts we advise the purchase of the 2017 editions. This entitles you to all future update releases for the entirety of 2017. For the DKW 1800 series and the DKW German Bight updates are released on a weekly basis. When you have a 2016 edition of one of our charts you can purchase a advantageous upgrade version of the 2017 edition.

Service Card 2017 license holders will receive no less than € 20,- discount on 100% Stentec charts. This disount will automatically be added to your order.

Click on the image for a full overview of our DKW water charts.

✔ Hardware - GPS, AIS, etc.
After updating all your products, it is wise to check if all your hardware is still functioning properly. Preferably before you start your journey. After a period of idleness there is, for example, a possibility of certain updates within Windows which could have a negative influence on your navigational systems.

A good example is the upgrade to Windows 10: older GPS receivers are no longer supported in this new version of Windows. A new GPS receiver, ready for Windows 10, is probably the best solution. We advise the BU-353 S4 GPS receiver which is easily connected to ytour navigational system via USB.

If you are planning on purchasing an AIS system this year, please use our AIS advice tool. After answering a few questions you will receive a recommendation for the AIS device which best meets your expectations.

DKW Vaarkaart the Netherlands 2017

The 2017 edition of the DKW Vaarkaart Nederland is available now. The new version has a large number of changes. Below you may find an overview with the most important updates. If you already purchased the chart as a pre-order, the updates are available already for you.

The chart set may be used in WinGPS 5 for Windows and WinGPS Marine for Android. When you purchase this set, you are entitled to all updates that will be processed this year.

DKW Vaarkaart Nederland has been developed for pleasure and commercial crafts in Western Europe. This chart is produced yearly by Stentec based on the topografic charts of The Netherlands along with comments from our users.

Specifications of the chart set
This hybrid chart contains:

  • 2 Overview charts (scale 1:250.000, 30m/pixel).
  • 5 Detailed charts for orientation and route planning (scale 1:25.000, 3m/pixel).
  • Waypoint-database with 39.019 waypoints which contain a.o.bouyage, marinas,docking places, diesel spots, campings and VHF channels. Also signs and docking places for commercial crafts. In WinGPS all these groups are enabled/disabled seperately.

With the new Smartlabeling option of WinGPS 5 2017, the charts of DKW Vaarkaart Nederland 2017 look more beautiful and organised than ever. The names of bridges/locks do not overlap anymore which keeps the waterway a lot more clear. That is why we recommend upgrading to or purchasing WinGPS 5 2017 when using DKW Vaarkaart Nederland 2017.

New in 2017
  • Actual chart information based on TOP10NL November 2016 (aerial pictures 2015)
  • The newly moved 'Kromme Ee' near Bergum is now positioned correctly (image 1).
  • bouyage has been updated and will be updated regularly in 2017.
  • The 'Marker Wadden' and the widened Breeddiep have been added based on recent satalite pictures (image 2).
  • Bouyage of Friesland, Groningen and Overijssel has been changed to the newest information.
  • The Friese Meren chart now also holds the fish traps (image 3).
  • Docking places 'hospitable Randmeren' with depth, phone number and links to more information have been added.
  • Outdated IENC data from Rijkswaterstaat has been removed to keep the chart as clear as possible, mainly in North Netherland.
  • Recent depth information of Zeeland, including dangerous wrecks with NAP depth.
  • The rest of The Netherlands will receive a brand new IENC file from Rijkswaterstaat which will be processed in DKW Vaarkaart Nederland 2017.
  • The marinas have been expanded and updated, thanks to comments of our users.
  • More water way names on the chart.
  • On the extra detailed chart Friese Meren the names are now in Frisian on the overview chart and in Dutch on the navigation chart. (For example Snitser Mar / Sneekermeer).

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3
Click on an image for a larger view.

Upgrade from 2016
If you have the DKW Vaarkaart Nederland 2016, you may purchase an advantageous upgrade.

Service Card discount
Service Card 2017 license holders will receive no less than € 20,- discount on the DKW Vaarkaart Nederland 2017. This disount will automatically be added to your order.

2017 Editions for NV Verlag charts now available for WinGPS 5

Great news for our Baltic Sea sailors! Most of the NV Verlag charts are available in their 2017 editions. The popular Baltic Sea charts are sold as a combined package: the paper chart set, a harbor pilot book and a CD-rom or download with which the digital charts can be installed in WinGPS 5.

For voyages to the Baltic Sea (starting from the Netherlands) we recommend the use of the DKW 1800 series and the DKW German Bight. Both sets are updated weekly, fit together perfectly and merge into NV Verlag series 1.

Mediterranean Sea
Newly added this year are the charts sets for the Mediterranean Sea covering the Spanish and French Mediterranean coast from Cabo San Antonio, including the Balearic Islands,Corsica and Sardinia, as well as the west-Italian coast to Naples and Croatia.