Chart updates for the German coast

Just before the start of the holiday season there have been several updates for the popular chart series DKW German Bight and DKW German Baltic coast. When you are planning on sailing to these waters you can purchase these charts right away and are able to use the most recent data for these charts.

When you have a 2015 edition for these sets you can purchase a upgrade for the 2016 editions for a reduced price via: Upgrade DKW German Bight 2016 and Upgrade DKW German Baltic coast 2016.

If you already have a 2016 version of these sets installed you can easily update them via the News center. Opening the News center in WinGPS is possible via 'Help - Open news center'. You can also install the updates via the DKW Manager by choosing 'Install/Update'.

DKW German Bight
There were a lot of updates for these charts, including:

  • The Eider in Northwest Germany has been divided into two charts. This allows for extra zooming and a better chart image.
  • Depths and buoying have been actualized on several parts of the charts.

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DKW German Baltic coast
There were a lot of updates for these charts, including:

  • The chart grouping has been changed, allowing for a smaller amount of charts covering the same area.
  • A few bothersome objects have been mapped at the Kieler Förde.
  • Depth numbers and buoying have been actualized on several parts of the charts.
Summerupdate WinGPS 5 2016

To make the best and safe start as possible this summer, we released an update for WinGPS 5 for Windows. In this summer update for WinGPS 2016 the waterway network and bridges & locks database have been revised with the latest data. Also, several functions have been either optimized or added.

WinGPS 5 Navigator & Pro
The following updates have been made for WinGPS 5 Navigator & Pro:

• Improved route overview:
When opening the route overview you will receive a much clearer list of all expected bridges, locks and other waypoints. Printing the list has also been improved, making it possible for all data to be printed in one complete overview. (Click on the image to the left for an example).

• NOOA as GRIB source:
For a few weeks the server has been offline. This means that all of our Navigator users could not download current weather forecasts in WinGPS. This source was changed to 'NOAA GFS 0.25 degrees' with which you can download new, more accurate Grib files.

WinGPS 5 Voyager
In addition to the above updates the following has been added to WinGPS 5 Voyager:

• NOAA Waves:
Via the Grib management you are now able to select 'NOAA Waves'. When this data has been downloaded you will see arrows which include average wave height (in meters) and wave period (in seconds). The arrows' length resembles the wave period and the width the height of the wave.

Release info WinGPS v5.16.2.0

EventDescriptionVersion WinGPS
AdditionSupport for worldwide oceanic wave data from NOAA has been added.Voyager
ChangeThe route overview windows has been overhauled with better support (including printing and exporting the overview) for routes along the route network.Navigator, Pro & Voyager
FixIf you canceled downloading GRIB data that contains multiple files WinGPS could crash. This has been fixed.Navigator, Pro & Voyager
FixA problem with the TCP server mode of a network port, where the server could stop if a client closed the connection has been fixed.Pro & Voyager
FixA number of other fixes, changes and improvements.Navigator, Pro & Voyager
New GRIB source: NOAA.

A few weeks ago we informed you about the servers. Because we were unable to determine the cause, it was decided to add the NOAA as a source with which you can download GRIB files.

From now on 'NOAA GFS 0:25 Degrees' is available as a GRIB source. In the Grib manager click 'download' and choose for 'NOAA GFS 0.25 degrees' under 'source' in the next screen. This source will be set as default for Grib files.

DKW Vaarkaart Noord-Frankrijk available

Great news for everyone who is planning to go on holidays to France: The 2016 version of DKW Vaarkaart Northern France is available. The DKW Vaarkaart Northern France covers all inland waterways from the Belgian border past Paris.

Updates 2016
There were a lot of updates for these charts, including:

  • The main towns along the waterways are added as waypoints. Even when zoomed out this will help for orientation. (Illustration 1)
  • The buoys are removed from the maps and added to the database changing the look of these markers from a single dot to the correct shape and color. (Illustration 2)
  • Quite a few locks have been given a resize. This makes it possible to zoom in even further for extra detail. (Illustration 3)
  • The waypoints for towns along the waterways are changed to rotating waypoints. When in 'course up' mode this will rotate the waypoints for better readability.
  • The Oise has received a more detailed map. The fairway and the shallows are now clearly visible on the map. (Illustration 4)
  • The channels which pass through a ridge have had locks added in which the direction of the symbol represents the direction of the slope.
Illustration 1 Illustration 2 Illustration 3

Illustration 4
Update: DKW 1811 & DKW 1812 (2016)

This month the Dutch Hydrographic Services released the 2016 (paper) editions of DKW 1811 & DKW 1812. Compared to the previous edition significant changes were made to the depth images of the Waddensea. The Islands Noorderhaaks and Schiermonnikoog even changed in size. A lot of fairways have also been adjusted. For example, the Schuitergat between Terschelling and Harlingen has been moved to the south and has deepened.

Users with a 2016 license for these charts van update free of charge.

Click on an illustration to view a larger (animated) image.