WinGPS Inland Upgrade Promotion

Are you an inland navigation skipper and are you still using our software for pleasure boating, WinGPS Pro 2018 or 2019? Then you can switch to our innovative WinGPS Inland version, developed for commercial shipping and luxury motor yachts for a special upgrade price.

WinGPS Inland offers many benefits for professional skippers. For example, the possibility to program your class A AIS transponder from within the program (see the image on the right). This way you can easily enter your destination and cargo load. For more information about WinGPS Inland, read the skippers manual (Dutch).

We have listed all of the benefits.

  • WinGPS Inland is based on WinGPS Pro and developed as an innovative inland shipping version, but the program is also suitable for tidal water, coastal shipping and sea voyages.
  • You can combine our DKW charts in raster format with freely available ENC and IENC charts in S57 vector format. Combined with our detailed navigation route network, our bridge and lock database and our online update service, you have acces to a very complete set of chart material for your laptop or on board PC. Ideal for both route planning and navigation on board.
  • Supports Stentec DKW2 raster charts and ENC sea charts and IENC inland waterways charts in S57 vector format.
  • Advanced route planner for both pleasure and professional shipping.
  • Ship profiles. This allows you to easily switch between, for example, ship profiles with cargo load and profiles without load.
  • Class A and INLAND-AIS programming.
  • Optional:
    Inland Update Service with which you always have an updated program and access to our IENC server. This service also includes support via phone and Teamviewer (Dutch, German, English). Available as an annual subscription for € 365,- per year (excluding VAT).

Extra features in WinGPS Inland Navigation
WinGPS Inland offers many other benefits for professional skippers compared to WinGPS 5 Pro. Click here for an overview of all improvements.

Upgrade from WinGPS 5

Do you already have WinGPS 5 Pro or Voyager (2017, 2018 or 2019)? Then you have the option to upgrade to WinGPS Inland for a special price. You receive a € 200,- discount on WinGPS Inland. This means you only pay € 299,- (excl. VAT).

Introduction discount
With the purchase of a WinGPS Inland license or an upgrade from WinGPS 5 Pro or Voyager to WinGPS Inland you will now receive a free Inland Update service license for 2019, worth € 116.33 (excl. VAT)

These offers are available until 30 September 2019.

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Easily program your AIS transponder

Good news for inland skippers and ships with a class A transponder. From now on it is possible to program your class A transponder in WinGPS Inland. With just one click you open the menu where you can easily change your cargo, destination and status, among other things. This ensures that you always broadcast the correct data. Have you already installed WinGPS Inland? Then you can download this update for free via 'Help > Check for updates'.

WinGPS Inland
Specially for inland navigation and pleasure boating equipped with AIS Class A transponders, Stentec has released a new professional navigation program: WinGPS Inland. With WinGPS Inland and the Inland Update Service you combine the best of our own DKW charts with the free IENC from the Netherlands and the European governments and you will always have the latest version of both the program and the charts.

We continue to work hard on the new WinGPS Inland. For example, radar support, consumption meter and BICS are on our development list.

WinGPS Inland is available in our online shop, our store in Heeg and at our dealers.

Interested? You can find more info here or call 0515 443515.

Upgrade your WinGPS
Do you already own WinGPS 5 Navigator, Pro or Voyager? Then it's possible to upgrade to WinGPS Inland. You will get a €200,- discount when purchasing WinGPS Inland


WinGPS News and updates

Coming soon: With the upcoming update for WinGPS Marine for the iPhone and iPad, the sailed track can be shown on the chart. In this new version you can also activate the distance circles around your GPS position.

In future updates it will also be possible to load the route network and bridges and locks.


Good news for inland skippers! We are currently working on the next WinGPS Inland update. In this version it is possible to program your AIS transponder from within WinGPS Inland.

This way you can easily enter your destination and cargo.


The popular Bluetooth GPS receivers GNS 2000 are back in stock. This wireless receiver is perfect for determining your GPS position in WinGPS on your iPad or Android tablet, even in a steel boat.

The device is easy to carry due to its small and flat design.


You now have the possibility to download the weather forecast in WinGPS 5 for up to 16 days via the NOAA GFS Server. This forecast is available for the entire world.

With this upgrade, it is possible to prepare your journey even more safely.



New: WinGPS for iPhone and iPad

The moment has arrived: our first app for the iPad and iPhone can now be downloaded for free!

In the WinGPS Marine app you can immediately download your charts and start using the app for navigation on board.

Ideal for navigation on your sloop, sailing yacht, motor ship or canoe.

✔ Load the chart of your sailing area and view the current depths, buoyage and other water sport information.

✔ Always know where you are, how fast you are sailing and what your course is with the help of GPS (internal or bluetooth).

✔ Place a navigation waypoint and sail there using the course line, the Course to Steer and the Distance to Go.


Click here to see if WinGPS Marine is
available for your iPad, iPhone or iPod.

New Basis for iOS
WinGPS Marine for iOS is our first app for the iPad and iPhone. The app originated from the beta version that has been enthusiastically tested by hundreds of WinGPS users in the recent months. We want to thank everyone who sent us feedback, so we now have a nice basis for this navigation app.

The iOS app is already ideal for use with our open water charts, such as the popular DKW 1800 series. After adding the waterway network, the app will also be suitable for use on inland waterways, such as with the DKW Vaarkaart Nederland.

Note: only charts from 2018 and newer can be used in this app. Do you have older charts? Then you can renew them in our online shop.Click here to renew your charts >

Let us know what you think
In the coming period, the app will of course be further upgraded, optimized and new (possibly paid) functions will be added, for example AIS, route planning and GRIB files. We would like to continue to receive your feedback about the current version and any wishes for future versions via the feedback form.

Bluetooth GPS-receivers
Do you have an iPad without an internal GPS receiver? Then you can use a Bluetooth GPS receiver to determine your position, speed and course in WinGPS Marine. Click here to order the GPS receiver in our webshop.


Update for WinGPS 5 Pro and Voyager 2019

This week we have released an update for WinGPS 5 Pro & Voyager 2019. Below you can find a description of the updates, which include the addition of AIS buddies and improvements to the KNMI weather stations.



KNMI weather stations
The KNMI weather stations are functional again and have been expanded with weather stations on Saba, Sint Eustatius and Bonaire.

Note: If you switch on the KNMI weather stations and have an internet connection, you will see the current wind information on all KNMI weather stations on the map. These are updated every 10 minutes. Ideal to see if the weather forecast is correct and what kind of weather is coming your way.




AIS buddies
With the new AIS buddies feature you can set individual AIS targets as your 'buddy'. Doing so will draw a coloured circle around the AIS ship and this ship will appear in the list of your buddies. You can set the color of the circle around your buddy to your liking. The AIS buddies are shown in bold in the AIS target list, so that you can quickly recognize them.

It is also possible to show only the AIS buddies at 'View> Properties'. All other AIS targets are then hidden. This can be useful if you are sailing in a group and only want to see those ships. For safety, it may be useful to add a 2nd chart window and only show the ships from your buddy list here, so that you can see all AIS targets on your main chart window.




AIS information is saved
The name, dimensions, MMSI, IMO number, Callsign, ENI, ERI, VendorID and vessel type of AIS targets are now stored in WinGPS 5.

When your AIS has been switched off or has (temporarily) not received data, you will now immediately have all the information on your screen again. This would normally take a few minutes.


Other changes
In addition to the above improvements, updates have been made to the route network and bugs have been fixed, making WinGPS 5 even more stable and smoother.

Downloading updates
Are you already in possession of WinGPS 5 Pro 2019 or WinGPS 5 Voyager 2019? Then you can easily download this update via the News Center in your WinGPS 5. If the update is not shown in the news center, you can check under 'Help > About' whether you may have an older version installed. You can always download the 2019 edition again from your account at

Do you have an older version of WinGPS 5 Pro or Voyager, or would you like to upgrade from the WinGPS 5 Navigator? Then you can purchase an advantageous upgrade and use all these great new features.