WinGPS Inland: professional navigation for inland shippers

Do you already know WinGPS Inland? We have developed this professional navigation program especially for inland shippers, but it is also ideal for larger pleasure craft and coastal shippers. With this extensive route planner you create a complete professional navigation system for on board. We are happy to tell you more about this in this email.

Program your AIS-transponder
Changing the settings in your AIS Class A, including the current destination and load, can be easily and quickly programmed via WinGPS Inland.

The special AIS button bar allows you to quickly view and instantly adjust your AIS settings.

Use iENC
By combining the free iENC with DKW charts, you create a very complete chart image. Organize it entirely to your liking, using the S57 settings in WinGPS Inland for a nice and clear chart image.

Plot routes and sail them with current shipping messages
Simply plot a route by specifying your final destination and WinGPS Inland will plan a route from your GPS position, taking into account the dimensions of your ship, the bridges, locks and waterways. With multi-day routes you can set which hours / days you want to sail and which you do not, so you can see at a glance where you are during, for example, the rest periods.

By downloading the shipping reports, the current obstructions are shown on the chart and you can adjust the route if necessary.

Ship profiles
Whether your ship is loaded or unloaded can make quite a difference in the speed, draft and consumption of diesel. WinGPS Inland allows you to save different profiles, which you can easily select as soon as you plan a route or sail. This gives you a real-time view of the arrival time, duration, distance and the fuel consumption of the possible route.

Mark zones
With the help of the alarm zones in WinGPS Inland you can mark areas yourself on the chart. You can set whether or not you can enter it. If you go outside the indicated lines of the alarm zone, a visual and audible alarm will sound. Ideal during dredging, dumping, searching for a drowning person or for indicating areas that are not accessible to you.

Order WinGPS Inland now
The navigation program WinGPS Inland is a one time purchase of €499, - excl. VAT.

This includes the WinGPS updates during the first calendar year.

Or upgrade from WinGPS 5
Are you already in possession of WinGPS 5 Pro or Voyager (2017, 2018 or 2019)? Then you have the option to upgrade to WinGPS Inland for a special price. You will receive a €200 discount on the purchase price of WinGPS Inland.

Inland Update Service
We offer a subscription specially for users of WinGPS Inland. This will keep WinGPS Inland up-to-date, you will receive updates to the European waterways network, you will receive updated NL-tides every year and you will have access to the iENC server with which you can easily download and update iENC.

Complete navigation system for on board
Stentec is happy to help you make the right choice when it comes to navigation solutions. We offer ready-to-use laptops & mini PCs for on board, specially selected according to your wishes. The latest navigation software, sailing charts and USB GPS receiver are installed.

Constantly evolving
We are working hard to improve and expand WinGPS Inland. For example, we are going to make the link between WinGPS Inland and the CoVadem box possible. As a result, cooperative depth measurements are always available and up to date. Ideal for better predictions and sustainable, economically advantageous navigation.

We are also working on a link with BICS. This is a system that allows you to report electronically to the waterway managers, instead of via the VHF radio.

DKW The Netherlands 2020 now available

Good news for water sports enthusiasts who are going on holiday in the Netherlands. The 2020 edition of the DKW The Netherlands is now available. In combination with WinGPS 5 Navigator, Pro or Voyager, the DKW The Netherlands is ideal for route planning over the many lakes, canals and rivers that the Netherlands has. The smallest waterways are included, even from 0.6 meters deep.

There are many changes to the new edition of this chart. Below you will find an overview with the most important points. If you have already purchased this chart in the presale, you can download the updates directly in the news center in WinGPS 5 (Windows) or when you start up the WinGPS Marine app (Android and iOS).

New in 2020

  • After the construction of the Haak om Leeuwarden, an area development was started to the west of Leeuwarden, which has also caused many changes to the waterways. For example, a mooring facility has been built at Deinum, the Boksumer Soal has become navigable for sloops and various bridges have been constructed or replaced.
  • A new connection has been dug from the Tulip Island near Zeewolde to Flevoland. A lock has also been constructed.
  • The Blaricummer Meent has become navigable and from the new residential area you can now sail to the Randmeren through the lock.
  • An island 'Bliek' in the Haringvliet has been built near Middelharnis.
  • Footpaths are now marked on the map so that pedestrian bridges are more visible.
  • The sandbanks in Zeeland have now also acquired the color of a tidal area.
  • The depths of many waterways have also been updated, as have the buoyage and the marinas.

Optimized for 'course up' mode
The Vaarkaart Nederland is optimized for 'course up' and 'head up' mode. This was achieved by no longer putting the large number of places and area names on the chart, but as waypoint name labels. As a result, the names remain horizontal with a rotating chart and can be easily turned off and on with the 'show waypoint name labels' button on the toolbar (in WinGPS 5).

When you have the 2019 edition of the DKW The Netherlands, we offer a special upgrade price. In our shop, choose '2019 edition' at the 'upgrade from' option an follow the steps. When you have our Service Card 2020, you will receive an additional €10,- discount making the upgrade cost only €79,90!

The new island Bliek
near Middelharnis.

The new lock and waterway at
the Blaricummer Meent


The new connection and the new lock at Zeewolde.

WinGPS 5 or WinGPS Marine
All DKW chart sets can be used in both WinGPS 5 for Windows, WinGPS Marine for Android and WinGPS Marine for iOS.

Need help installing?
The DKW The Netherlands 2020 is available in our online shop, our store in Heeg and through our dealers.

Our shop is still open by appointment only, for your and our safety. In the store we can install the latest editions of the charts and software on your laptop. To ensure your safety, we ensure that there are no other customers during your visit, our advisor keeps a minimum distance of 1.5 meters and we keep our shop and our hands clean.

Would you rather not visit? You can of course also send us your laptop / tablet or we can log in to your computer remotely with Teamviewer, so that we can still install all software properly.

Service Card 2020: This week only!

You only have a few days left to purchase the WinGPS Service Card 2020! The Service Card is only available until 29 February 2020.

By purchasing a Service Card we guarantee you the most up-to-date version of WinGPS 5. With all changes and new functions that we add to WinGPS 5 you can assure yourself that you always have a safe navigation system on board. With the purchase of the Service Card you also ensure that we can continue to improve our software and thus continue to deliver an even better product.

WinGPS Service Card 2020 benefits:

  • Receive all updates for WinGPS 5 2020: route network, bridges & locks and new features.
  • € 20,- discount on all 100% Stentec DKW chart sets 2020 editions.
  • € 10,- discount on all 100% Stentec DKW chart sets upgrades.
  • € 20,- discount on educational WinGPS workshops.
  • Free NLTides currents & tides for 2020 worth € 19,90 (Pro and Voyager).
  • Free telephone support and remote assistance via Teamviewer (worth €15 per 15 minutes).
  • Free installation of Stentec products (in our store in Heeg).
  • Exclusive fair and event offers.
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WinGPS 5 2020 edition now available

The new 2020 edition of WinGPS 5 is now available! Prepare yourself well for this sailing season with the latest changes to the waterway network, bridges/locks and the new features in WinGPS 5.

Do you have a WinGPS Service Card 2020? Then you have received an e-mail from us with your license code and a download link for the new WinGPS 2020. You can install it immediately, overwriting your old WinGPS version. Your personal settings, routes, routes and other data will be saved.

   WinGPS 5 Navigator 2020

  • The waterway network has been updated and expanded, now covering 48,350 kilometers of waterways.
  • The database of bridges, locks and other structures has been updated and expanded, bringing the total number of structures to 22,315.
  • All previously downloaded GRIB files can now be automatically updated when you have a working internet connection, so that you always have the current weather forecast available.
  • The average waiting time for locks and movable bridges can now be set per bridge/lock, so that you can better predict the duration of your routes even better.
  • WinGPS can use more memory, making the program run faster and more stable.
  • A number of optimizations in the use of S57 charts.
  • Many other small fixes, changes and improvements.

  WinGPS 5 Pro 2020 and WinGPS 5 Voyager 2020

  • All the points mentioned above.
  • NL-Tides has been updated to the 2020 data, for current current and tidal data of the Dutch coastal waters.
  • The information about bridges and locks in the Netherlands from 'Blauwe Golf Verbindend' can now be displayed, so that you can immediately see whether a bridge or lock is open.
  • Previously downloaded shipping messages and 'Blauwe Golf Verbindend' information are now automatically updated when you have a working internet connection.
  • The water levels for the Netherlands from Rijkswaterstaat have been added to the shipping notifications.
  • Your position can now also be determined from the VDO NMEA messages from a connected AIS transponder.

Service Card 2020
Upgrade your WinGPS 5 version now by purchasing the WinGPS Service Card 2020. This not only gives you the above-mentioned updates, but also updates from WinGPS 5 throughout 2020 and other great benefits and discounts. Don't wait too long, because the Service Card 2020 is only available until 29 February 2020.

  • New buttons are available for your toolbar. Go to 'View → Customize main toolbar..' and put the buttons you want to use in the left column. For example, by putting the 'Blauwe Golf Verbindend' button on the toolbar, you can easily turn it on and off for a more clear chart view.
  • Not all bridges and locks are included in 'Blauwe Golf Verbindend' yet. This will be expanded over time. Of course, all bridges and locks are included in WinGPS, including the operating times, dimensions and often also a photo and contact details.
  • In GRIB management you can disable the 'Automatically update GRIB files'.
  • By turning off the Shipping Notifications button or 'Blauwe Golf Verbindend' button, they will no longer be shown on your chart, but will still be updated in the background. However, these are very small files with a size of a few kilobytes.
  • Do you have many tracks, routes, logs and other personal navigation data? Then this is a great time to make a back up. In WinGPS 5 go to 'File → Back up'. Select the data you want to save and the desired location, for example a waterproof USB stick. This way you can always restore your data in the event of a crash of your computer.
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Sail safely up until 2021 with the DKW1800 2020 edition

Our first chart release for 2020 is the well-known DKW 1800 series, based on the paper charts from the Dutch Hydrographical Service. Starting now, you can purchase the new chart sets in our webshop or download them for free if you bought the chart set during our pre sale.

Free weekly BaZ updates

The DKW 1800 series 2020 are fully updated and will be updated further according to the weekly BaZ updates (Notices to Mariners) for the entirety of 2020. Updating is easy in WinGPS 5 and the WinGPS Marine series for Android and iOS. At startup, the charts will be checked for updates which can be downloaded directly (when an internet connection is available).

20 years DKW1800 series
This year the popular DKW 1800 series celebrates it's 20th anniversary. This digital chart was first sold on CD-ROM 20 years ago and has been installed by many satisfied users since then. At that time there were around 10 updates per year. In 2020 you can easily download the DKW1800 on your Windows laptop / PC, on your Android device and on your iPhone or iPad and they will be updated every week.

When you have a 2019 edition of the DKW 1800 series, the charts will no longer be updated. The last BaZ update was from week 51 of 2019. When you want to upgrade from the 2019 edition to the 2020 edition we offer a special upgrade price.

Are you sailing on outdated charts from 2018 or older? Then we recommend that you purchase the DKW1800 2020 series new so that you are provided with all updates and can sail safely all year round.

Geul van Baarland

The Reevediep

Sailing route Waardgronden

What is new?

  • The situation in the Westerschelde has been adjusted, especially in Geul van Baarland many changes in depth and buoyage are implemented.
  • A new flood protection system has been installed between Drontermeer and Vossemeer: The Reevediep and the associated structures are connected to the Randmeer. The new situation is on the chart and in the course of 2020 the definitive nautical situation will be charted.
  • Like every year, the wadden channels are adjusted to their current form. The sailing route Waardgronden no longer has permanent buoyage.

Service Card discount

Service Card 2020 holders receive € 20,- discount on the new DKW 1800 Complete 2020 and € 10,- discount on the upgrade to the 2020 edition. The discount will automatically be deducted.

Don't wait too long with buying the Service Card as it will only be available until WinGPS 5 2020 is released. With the Service Card you will receive the latest edition of WinGPS 5 and can profit from several offers and promotions.

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