DKW Northeast Germany 2018

The 2018 edition of DKW Northeast Germany is available in our webshop! In the new edition a large number of changes were made. Below you will find a summary of the most important updates.

The DKW Northeast Germany is developed for sailors, motorboaters and commercial use. Giving a clear overview of the German waterways and ideal in combination with a full version of WinGPS. Thanks to the route network you can quickly plot a course over the inland waters of Northeast Germany, up until Prague.

The DKW Imray chart sets can be used in WinGPS 5 (for Windows) and in WinGPS Marine (for Android). When purchasing the chart set, you will also receive several updates which are released throughout the coming year.

New in 2018

  • On the Elbe, the beacons have updated icons which resemble reality with added crosses: St. Joris or St. Andreas.
  • The Nottekanal, south of Berlin, has been made sailable and is now visible on the chart.
  • City names will stay upward when the chart spins in course-up mode.
  • The colour palette for the water ways has been changed from the ENC to our own standard version: deeper water becomes a darker blue.
  • The usual changes in buoys, depths, signs, etc.

Illustration 1: New icons for crosses.

Illustration 2: The new Nottekanal.

Covering area
All bigger Northeast German waterways are included in this chart set, from the German Baltic coast up until Prague. Including: the Moldau, Saale, Peene, Havel, Müritz, Spree, Elbe, Oder and West Oder.

Upgrade from 2017
If you have a 2017 license of the DKW Northeast Germany, you can buy a special priced upgrade edition.

Upgrades DKW charts 2018

The 2018 upgrades of our DKW charts are now available. Among them are the popular DKW1800 series and DKW Vaarkaart Nederland. Are you a license holder of the 2017 charts? Then an advantegeous upgrade is available for you and you can use the 2018 charts immediately. It is still based on 2017 data but will be updated during 2018 which allows you to use the most recent charts. This means that you will be up-to-date until 2019.

Why upgrade now?

  • Sail, plan and practice all winter with recent charts.
  • Be the first to receive the 2018 updates.
  • Weekly updates for DKW1800 and DKW German Bight.
  • DKW Vaarkaart Nederland updates every other week.

For some help installing your new charts, follow this link.

Expected: WinGPS 5 2018!

At this moment our developers are working hard to complete the 2018 editions of WinGPS 5. This way, in 2018 you will be sailing with even better navigational software.

We proudly announce that we are planning to continue the line of WinGPS 5 2017, by making the software more user friendly and safe for the 2018 editions. New features will also be available. In this mailing we give you a hint of things to come.

  • View IENC charts in WinGPS 5, great for commercial shipping on German inland waters.
  • Increased user friendliness.
  • Updated and expanded route network, including bridges & locks.


Bron: Inland-ENC,

  • Expanded polar diagrams list with spinaker and genaker.
  • Including all functions for WinGPS 5 Navigator and WinGPS 5 Pro.

The new editions of WinGPS 5 are expected to be released in early February 2018.

WinGPS Service Card 2018

Normally: € 65,-
In November: € 60,-

Starting now, the popular WinGPS Service Card 2018 is available in our online shop. With the Service Card you are ensured of receiving the latest edition of WinGPS 5 for the whole year and you can profit from exclusive advantages.

With the WinGPS Service Card 2018 you will benefit from:

  • Be the first to receive WinGPS 5 2018.
  • All updates for WinGPS 5 2018: route network, bridges & locks and new features.
  • € 20,- discount on all 100% Stentec DKW chart sets.
  • Free NLTides currents & tides for 2018 worth € 19,90 (Pro and Voyager).
  • Free installation of Stentec products (in our store in Heeg).
  • Exclusive fair and event offers.

Service Card 2018
The Service Card is for all license holders of WinGPS 5 Navigator, Pro or Voyager. Are you not in possession of our WinGPS 5 navigation software or are you still using WinGPS 4? Then now is the perfect time to purchase a license! When you order a new WinGPS 5 Navigator, Pro or Voyager, you will receive the Service Card worth € 65,- free of charge. You can practice with WinGPS for the entirety of the winter and will be ready for the next season.

WinGPS 5 2018
The new WinGPS 5 is expected for release in the beginning of February 2018. The WinGPS Service Card will be sent around the same time. We proudly announce that we are planning to continue the line of WinGPS 5 2017, by making the software more user friendly and safe for the 2018 editions. We will publish a full list of new features shortly.

Discount on charts
Service Card holders receive € 20,- discount when purchasing 100% Stentec chart sets or the upgrades to the 2018 editions of these chart sets.

When you want to make use of the discount, you need to order the Service Card first. Afterwards you can order the chart sets you want. The discount will then be deducted from your order.

Order your digital water charts for 2018 now

The pre sale for the 2018 editions of our digital water charts has started. When you purchase one of the charts listed below, you will immediately receive the 2018 edition. It is still based on the 2017 data and will be updated during the course of 2018. Providing you with the most up to date charts.

Why order now?

  • Sail, plan and practice now and in winter with up to date charts.
  • You will be the first to receive the 2018 updates.
  • Weekly BaZ updates for the DKW 1800 series and the DKW German bight.
  • DKW the Netherlands receives update nearly every other week.

Bottom line, you will always have updated charts up until 2019.

Please mind: This pre sale only works when you don't have the 2017 edition of the same chart.

If you have a 2017 edition chart and want to upgrade to the 2018 edition, you can buy the upgrade edition of this chart. These upgrades will be made available soon, at which time you will be informed via our news letter.

WinGPS 5 or WinGPS Marine
The DKW Imray chart sets can be used in WinGPS 5 (for Windows) and in WinGPS Marine (for Android). When you have both software licenses, the charts can be installed in both programs without additional chart licenses.