WinGPS Marine update - Route network

The route network for Western Europe and the Danube have been added to WinGPS Marine, Stentecs navigation app for Android devices. The route network gives you the possibility to make complete routes over the inland waters while only having to place a start and end point. Taken into account are the measurements of your ship, measurements for bridges and lock (height, width) and of course the waterway information (depth, width).

Route network
Before the update it was only possible to create waypoints with a straight line between them. This wouln't be a problem when planning a route on open water. But planning a route on inland waters, with a lot of curvy channels and rivers, would become very tedious with a lot of waypoints.

With the new update you will only have to set two waypoints for a complete route: one on your starting position and one for your destination. Make sure both waypoints are placed upon the route network. WinGPS Marine will plot the shortest route from start to finish across the water ways.

Click on the image for a larger view.

Click on the image for a larger view.

If a bridge or lock can't be passed due to size limitations this will be marked by a dotted circle. If the plotted route runs along a water way which is too shallow that part will be shown in a different color. Both options make it possible to foresee blocks along the route giving you the option to plot your route along another water way.

Click on the image for a larger view.

When you double click on a bridge, lock or water way a new window will appear with all known information (See image below). For example, the telephone number for the bridge operator, passage times or number of passage ways.


  • Go to 'Menu - Settings - General'. Set your 'Units in the app' to 'Inland' to see distances in km's and speed in km/hr.
  • Go to 'Menu - Settings - Your ship'. Set the diameters of your ship. This information is used when plotting new routes.
  • Go to 'Menu - Settings - Routes'. Choose your preferences.
  • Go to 'Menu - Settings - Route Network'. When you are not going to use the Route network, for example when sailing on open sea. you can disable it here. At the bottom of the page individual parts of the Route network can be enabled/disabled. The only visible parts will correspond with the charts you have installed on your system. The less parts of the Route network you have enabled, the faster the app wil work.
  • A new route can be made by pressing the charts and holding for a few seconds. A new window will appear. Choose 'create new route'. The first waypoint will be placed on the exact place you clicked. Move the point to the correct position and place the remaining waypoints.
  • During the placement of a waypoint it can be moved by selecting it and sliding it across the screen with your finger. The color of the waypoint will change when moving: when it turns red while moving it is not properly placed on the Route network. Place it closer towards the Route network until it turns grey. Let go of the waypoint. It will be locked on the Route network.
  • A pink route line means your ship can not pass this water way due to depth issues. A red route line means there are no depth issues. Add a waypoint at this point and drag it to another part of the Route network to navigate past the shallow water way.
  • Go to 'Menu - Route manager'. All your routes will be stored here. We recommend you only enable the route you want to sail, by setting a tick before the route. All other routes can be disabled by removing the tick in front of them. Enabling more, if not all routes will slow down your system.

Follow this link for a full 'Frequently Asked Questions' list.

Please mind: when plotting a route the speed of your ship and bridge/lock operating time are not accounted for within WinGPS Marine. It is advisable to only use the route function for short routes in the nearby future. Ideally while planning a one day trip right before setting sail.

With the Windows version of WinGPS on your laptop you can plan larger routes in which speeds and operating times are accounted for. For example, very useful when plotting a route along the Rhine-Moselle-Maas or to Berlin.

More information on WinGPS 5 (for Windows) can be found here.

Quarterly updates Imray 2017

All quarterly updates have been added to our digital Imray chart sets. In total 112 different charts were updated. The updates consist of a.o. changes in the depth image and positions/additions of buoys. Also, new harbours were added. For a full list of all changed charts follow this link.

Click on the image for a larger view.

If you have one or more licenses for the 2017 editions of DKW Imray chart sets, The updates can easily be downloaded from the News center within WinGPS 5. When starting WinGPS 5 (with a working internet connection) the News center will start automatically and you will receive a message for the available updates. If the News center doesn't start automatically go to 'Help - Open News center'.

DKW Imray 2017
Since 2009 Stentec Software publishes the famous Imray charts digitally. These are based on the paper charts and feature the same well known Imray colors. A great advantage of these charts is the large area coverage per set.

Click on the image for a larger view.

If you do not have any 2017 Imray chart sets, you can order them from our webshop. As soon as your payment is accepted the charts will become available in your account and can be installed via the DKW Manager (Windows) or the Chart Manager (Android).

Upgrade from 2016
If you have 2016 licenses for any Imray chart sets, you can purchase upgrades to the 2017 editions for a reduced price in our webshop. At the selected chart set choose 'upgrade from' and select the 2016 edition.

WinGPS 5 or WinGPS Marine
The DKW Imray chart sets can be used in WinGPS 5 (for Windows) and in WinGPS Marine (for Android). When you have both software licenses, the charts can be installed in both programs without additional chart licenses.

Updates chart sets

Via this message we want to inform you about a number of updates which we have released for several chart sets. Below you will find the updated chart sets along with a description of the updates. For license holders of the 2017 editions of these charts the updates are ready to be downloaded through the news center in WinGPS, free of charge. When the news center does not start automatically you can open it in WinGPS via 'help - open news center'.

DKW 1800 series
Besides the weekly BaZ updates the new 'Traffic Separation System' has been added to all relevant charts (See image below).

Click on the image for a larger view.

DKW 1800 Complete

DKW Belgium
Below are the most important changes to this chart set:

  • The projection of depth numbers and -lines has been changed, which results in a clearer chart image.
  • The waypoint database has been revised and expanded with the most recent ENC files.
  • The new locks at Antwerp (Kieldrechts lock) and Liège (Ivoz-Ramet) are added to the chart view.
  • The harbour numbers for all four sea harbours have been added.
  • Locations for trash collection points and first-aid kits have been added.
  • The high speed areas for Belgium are clearly marked and added to a seperate waypoint group.

Click on the image for a larger view.

DKW Belgium

DKW German Bight & DKW German Baltic Coast
The new charts have been updated up until week 22/23. A lot of new charts have been added to this set, with the addition of a new, more detailed, coördinational grid to some of these charts (See image below).

Click on the image for a larger view.

DKW German Bight

DKW German Baltic Coast

DKW Imray - ID10
Added to this chart set are several windmill parks and the new 'Traffic Separation System' has been added to the relevant charts (See image below).

Click on the image for a larger view.

DKW Imray ID10
Summer update WinGPS 5 2017

To make the best and safest start as possible this summer, we released an update for WinGPS 5 for Windows. In this summer update for WinGPS 2017 the waterway network and bridges & locks database have been revised with the latest data. Also, several functions have been either optimized or added.

When you have a WinGPS Service Card 2017 or a license for WinGPS 5 2017, you will receive the update immediately, and can download and install the update from the news center. When the news center does not open automatically when WinGPS is started, click on 'help - open news center'.

WinGPS 5 Navigator
For WinGPS 5 Navigator the following is updated:

  • For the item 'Updated' in the chart manager and the chart status the dates will be shown for all different chart sets (See the image below). Formerly this was only visible for the DKW 1800 series.
  • Because of a software bug sometimes the standard route settings wouldn't be saved correctly after changes were made, this has been solved.

WinGPS 5 Pro
For WinGPS 5 Pro the following is updated, in combination with the above list:

  • The Smart labeling function has been expanded further with the addition of the labels for routes and shipping notifications. This results in an even clearer chart image (See the image below).
  • When multiple shipping notifications were stacked upon one another, only the top message would be shown when clicked upon. When one of these messages will now be clicked on, all messages from all underlying notifications will be shown.
  • The data for the GRIB source 'Weerdata KNMI stations per 10 minuten' had been changed by the KNMI, which made it impossible to load the data within WinGPS. This has been solved.

Example with Smart Labeling disabled.

Example with Smart Labeling enabled.

WinGPS 5 Voyager
For WinGPS 5 Voyager the following is updated, in combination with the above list:

  • Within the GRIB sources you will find a new addition for the wave predictions. Plan a comfortable route with this new mode in which high waves and sharp-to-hauled courses are avoided. View the GRIB data for the Northsea, Waddensea, IJsselmeer, Markermeer and Randmeren.

Click on the image for a larger view.

Delius Klasing 2017

All Delius Klasing charts are available in the 2017 editions. These charts sets consist of 1424 individual charts, divided into 14 sets. A large number of harbour charts have been replaced or updated within these sets.

The Delius Klasing series cover the Baltic Sea area and a part of the Danish and Norse north seacoast, from the Limfjorden to Kaliningrad and from Hamburg up until Stockholm. Also contained in this series are chart sets for the Mediterranean Sea around the Balearic Islands, the Croatian coast (with adjacent areas from Venice to Dubrovnik) and the Bodensea.

Click on one of the images for an enlarged view.

Overview of top selling Delius Klasing sets.

Kieler Bight
& Fühnen

Great Belt
to Bornholm

& Bornholm

Venice - Rijeka -
sibenik - Drvenik V.