Quarterly update UK1 English and Scottish Eastcoast

Last week we published an update for DKW UK01 English and Scottisch Eastcoast. In this set 11 detailed charts and 12 marina charts have been updated. The update can be downloaded from the news center (via 'help - open news center') or from the DKW Manager.

There were a lot of updates for these charts, including:

  • The windmill park 'Humber Gateway' has been added to the charts. (Illustration 1)
  • The 'Amethyst' gas field has been remeasured. The new measurements have been processed.
  • The yet to be constructed windmill park 'Race Back' has been added.
  • A marine chart has been added for the Greenport Dock at Hull.
  • Charts 1889 and 1890 (Cromarty Firth) have been adjusted with a new scale. (Illustration 2)

The updates are contained within the following charts:

  • BA104 - Approaches to the Humber (TS scheme)
  • BA107 - Approaches to the Humber (river)
  • BA108 - Approaches to the Wash
  • BA1188 - River Humber Spurn Head to Immingham
  • BA1889 - Cromarty Firth - Cromarty Bank to Invergordon
  • BA1890 - Cromarty Firth - Invergordon to Dingwall
  • BA1934 - River Tyne - Willongton Quay / Duntson
  • BA2693 - Approaches to Felixtowe, Harwich
  • BA3271 - Lerwick Harbour and Apporaches
  • BA3496 - River Humber, Immingham and Hull
  • BA3497 - River Humber Immingham to Humber Bridge
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DKW Southwest Germany 2016 now available!

The 2016 version of the DKW Vaarkaart Southwest Germany is available! This detailed water chart is developed for sailors, motorboaters and commercial use within Central Europe, for a.o. de Rhine, the Moselle, the Saar and the Sure.

Updates 2016
There were a lot of updates for these charts, including:

  • Shallows are now better displayed.
  • Detailed lock charts are added for better orientation. (Illustration 1)
  • Extra shipping characters are added to the charts. (Illustration 2)
  • Sign titles are displayed below the characters, sometimes with English translation. (Illustration 3)
  • The overview is improved by providing some cities and rivers with more detailed maps of a better scale.
Illustration 1 Illustration 2 Illustration 3

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Upgrade to 2016
If you have the last edition of the charts, we have a special offer to upgrade to the 2016 edition for only €69,90.

If you have pre-ordered the DKW Southwest Germany 2016 your license has already been sent via e-mail.

OSM chart layer unavailable

The OpenStreetMap which was available as a free chart layer in WinGPS is no longer available. MapQuest, the developer of OpenStreetMap, has chosen to discontinue the 'direct download service'. We are looking for a replacement source. As soon as more news is available we will further report on this.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Below you will find how to deactivate this chart layer:

  • WinGPS 5: Click on 'Charts - Chartmanager'. In the next window deactivate the 'OpenStreetMap chart layer' and click 'close'.

  • WinGPS Marine: Go to 'Menu - Chart manager'. In the next window deactivate the 'OpenStreetMap chart layer'. (When your version of WinGPS Marine has been updated to 2.48 or higher this chart layer has been removed automatically)
New DKW1810 chart available for safe navigation on the IJsselmeer

A new version of the paper version of the popular 1810 (IJsselmeer, Markermeer and Randmeren) has been released. Of course all new information has been added to our own 2016 edition of the DKW1810.

Already in possesion of DKW1810 2016?
Then you can easily download the update through the News Center. Click on 'Update all' to retreive the latest chart updates. Opening the News Center can be done via: 'Help - Open news center'.

Purchasing DKW1810
If you don't yet have the DKW1810 charts you can buy them in our online shop for only € 24,90. Included in this set are the weekly BaZ updates until 2017. The chart can be installed on 3 different systems (Windows or Android).

The DKW1810 is available as a loose chart, but can also be purchased in one of the following sets: DKW1800 North and DKW1800 Complete.

Chart updates for the German coast

Just before the start of the holiday season there have been several updates for the popular chart series DKW German Bight and DKW German Baltic coast. When you are planning on sailing to these waters you can purchase these charts right away and are able to use the most recent data for these charts.

When you have a 2015 edition for these sets you can purchase a upgrade for the 2016 editions for a reduced price via: Upgrade DKW German Bight 2016 and Upgrade DKW German Baltic coast 2016.

If you already have a 2016 version of these sets installed you can easily update them via the News center. Opening the News center in WinGPS is possible via 'Help - Open news center'. You can also install the updates via the DKW Manager by choosing 'Install/Update'.

DKW German Bight
There were a lot of updates for these charts, including:

  • The Eider in Northwest Germany has been divided into two charts. This allows for extra zooming and a better chart image.
  • Depths and buoying have been actualized on several parts of the charts.

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DKW German Baltic coast
There were a lot of updates for these charts, including:

  • The chart grouping has been changed, allowing for a smaller amount of charts covering the same area.
  • A few bothersome objects have been mapped at the Kieler Förde.
  • Depth numbers and buoying have been actualized on several parts of the charts.