With WinGPS you can create a full navigational centre. The software is designed to customize as you please. Will you use a tablet or laptop? Will you need to be able to read your screen outside or will you be using WinGPS inside? And, when installing additional hardware, will you do this wireless or are you stuck using wires?

GPS receiver

When determining your position, speed and course you will need to use a GPS receiver. Most people will choose an affordable USB GPS Receiver but you could also choose a bluetooth or onboard receiver. Onboard GPS receivers are usually attached using a USB-to-serial cable.

AIS transponder

See and be seen with the newest generation of AIS transponders. With the internal splitter you are able to connect the current VHF antenna without having to install a second antenna. If you have a polyester or wooden ship you can choose to use an AIS transponder with internal GPS. If you only want to receive AIS information without sending your own position, we also have multiple AIS receivers available.

If you only want to receive AIS signals we have a selection of different AIS receivers available.

AIS transponders have several options available to them; Receiver/Transmitter, VHF splitter, Internal wifi, GPS receiver etc. To make it easy for our customers, we have compiled a handy questionnaire from which the most appropriate version is offered in response to your answers.


Extra monitor

Connect your laptop or onboard PC with an extra monitor for outside use. View and control WinGPS with a sunlight resistant touchscreen.



Connect all of your board equipment to one device: the multiplexer. All data will be redirected from the multiplexer into WinGPS in one flow. The multiplexer can be connected using a serial or USB port, or wireless via bluetooth or wifi. Ideal when using a tablet or smartphone with WinGPS Marine.


In our online webshop you can find a lot more peripherals than stated above, for example compasses, weather stations, fishfinders, etc. To view our entire collection use the direct link via the button below.

More and more skippers have bought an iPad or Android tablet to use onboard.

It is not possible to install WinGPS on your tablet for now but it can be used as an extra monitor. By using an external program like iDisplay, you can turn your tablet into a navigation device. Zooming and operating WinGPS is done easily with your fingers.

The iPad/tablet does not need to have GPS or 3G, making even the cheapest iPad suitable. Bluetooth needs to be turned off on the iPad.

An advantageous and simple solution, tested by our users, is an iPad connected to a Windows 7 netbook. Connectify turns your netbook into a Wifi hotspot, which allows you to communicate with your tablet onboard.

In the figure to the right you see a Navbook which is connected trough a Bluetooth multiplexer to the (Raymarine) system. This also shows AIS targets. The laptop is connected to a Wifi access point so communication can go to and from the iPad. The iPad does not only show our position but the AIS targets and our polar diagram as well.

Below is a video of an iPad onboard. We thank the skipper of Eelske Medde.


Your comments and experiences with tables is apreciated. We would like to share them with other users.

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