With WinGPS you can create a full navigational centre. The software is designed to customize as you please. Will you use a tablet or laptop? Will you need to be able to read your screen outside or will you be using WinGPS inside? And, when installing additional hardware, will you do this wireless or are you stuck using wires?

GPS receiver
When determining your position, speed and course you will need to use a GPS receiver. Most people will choose an affordable USB GPS Receiver but you could also choose a bluetooth or onboard receiver. Onboard GPS receivers are usually attached using a USB-to-serial cable.

AIS transponder

See and be seen with the newest generation of AIS transponders. With the internal splitter you are able to connect the current VHF antenna without having to install a second antenna. If you have a polyester or wooden ship you can choose to use an AIS transponder with internal GPS. If you only want to receive AIS information without sending your own position, we also have multiple AIS receivers available.

If you only want to receive AIS signals we have a selection of different AIS receivers available.

AIS transponders have several options available to them; Receiver/Transmitter, VHF splitter, Internal wifi, GPS receiver etc. To make it easy for our customers, we have compiled a handy questionnaire from which the most appropriate version is offered in response to your answers. (For now only available in Dutch.)

Extra monitor
Connect your laptop or onboard PC with an extra monitor for outside use. View and control WinGPS with a sunlight resistant touchscreen.

Connect all of your board equipment to one device: the multiplexer. All data will be redirected from the multiplexer into WinGPS in one flow. The multiplexer can be connected using a serial or USB port, or wireless via bluetooth or wifi. Ideal when using a tablet or smartphone with WinGPS Marine.

In our online webshop you can find a lot more peripherals than stated above, for example compasses, weather stations, fishfinders, etc. To view our entire collection use the direct link via the button below.


ADAC Marina guide for WinGPS

In collaboration with the German ADAC, Stentec presents the ADAC Marinaführer (Marina Guide). This convenient database gives you detailed information for multiple European countries.

The ADAC will no longer publish their renowned Marinaführer in physical edition. It is now exclusively available at Stentec and will be delivered with WinGPS 5 Lite and the new Stentec world chart. The previous (paper) 2010 edition contained information about marinas in Germany and Europe. The version was updated and enhanced to no less than 1638 ADAC marinas in 20 countries.

Marina information
With a single mouse click all information about the marina will apear with handy marina plan. Contact info, accomodations and even prices will be shown.

An easy filter makes it possible to show only the accomodations you wish.

The ADAC (Allgemeinen Deutschen Automobil-Club) was founded in 1903 and now has more than 17 million members, 2 million of which are active water sporters. The ADAC Marina Guide is a perfect addition to your charts. Below are a few combinations of charts with the ADAC Marina Guide.

DKW Water chart Netherlands

The ADAC Marina Guide is a perfect match with the DKW Water chart Netherlands. You can see the improvements to the depth information.

From €79,90

DKW 1800

The DKW1800 charts safely bring you to the marinas. The weekly BaZ update ensures that your charts remain up to date.

From €24,90

DKW Imray

On the DKW Imray charts the marinas are also a perfect addition. Presented here is an example in The Channel. The French coast and Mediterranean are also covered in the ADAC Marina Guide.

From €99,90

WinGPS 5

The ADAC marina guide only functions in WinGPS 5 programs among which the free WinGPS 5 Lite. The routework is not only fully updated in WinGPS 5, it also has been expanded to Germany, Belgium and parts of France.

Variable prices