More and more skippers have bought an iPad or Android tablet to use onboard.

It is not possible to install WinGPS on your tablet for now but it can be used as an extra monitor. By using an external program like iDisplay, you can turn your tablet into a navigation device. Zooming and operating WinGPS is done easily with your fingers.

The iPad/tablet does not need to have GPS or 3G, making even the cheapest iPad suitable. Bluetooth needs to be turned off on the iPad.

An advantageous and simple solution, tested by our users, is an iPad connected to a Windows 7 netbook. Connectify turns your netbook into a Wifi hotspot, which allows you to communicate with your tablet onboard.

In the figure to the right you see a Navbook which is connected trough a Bluetooth multiplexer to the (Raymarine) system. This also shows AIS targets. The laptop is connected to a Wifi access point so communication can go to and from the iPad. The iPad does not only show our position but the AIS targets and our polar diagram as well.

Below is a video of an iPad onboard. We thank the skipper of Eelske Medde.


Your comments and experiences with tables is apreciated. We would like to share them with other users.

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In collaboration with the German ADAC, Stentec presents the ADAC Marinaführer (Marina Guide). This convenient database gives you detailed information for multiple European countries.

The ADAC will no longer publish their renowned Marinaführer in physical edition. It is now exclusively available at Stentec and will be delivered with WinGPS 5 Lite and the new Stentec world chart. The previous (paper) 2010 edition contained information about harbours in Germany and Europe. The version was updated and enhanced to no less than 1638 ADAC harbours in 20 countries.

Harbour information

With a single mouse click all information about the harbour will apear with handy detailed harbour sketch. Contact info, accomodations and even prices will be shown.

An easy filter makes it possible to show only the accomodations you wish.


The ADAC (Allgemeinen Deutschen Automobil-Club) was founded in 1903 and now has more than 17 million members, 2 million of which are active water sporters. The ADAC Marina Guide is a perfect addition to your charts. Below are a few combinations of charts with the ADAC Marina Guide.

The ADAC Marina guide can be used with:

WinGPS 5

The ADAC Marina guide only works in combination with our WinGPS 5 software, which also includes the free WinGPS 5 Lite.

DKW the Netherlands

The ADAC Marina Guide works great in combination with DKW the Netherlands. You can see the improvements to the depth information.

DKW 1800 series

The DKW1800 charts safely bring you to the harbours. The weekly BaZ update ensures that your charts remain up to date.

DKW Imray series

On the DKW Imray charts the harbours are also a perfect addition. Presented here is an example in The Channel. The French coast and Mediterranean are also covered in the ADAC Marina Guide.