Stentec will release a new version of WinGPS 5 in January 2015. In this 2015 edition of WinGPS 5 you'll find the most important releases in the January release and the Summer update. In this article we will provide you with all the cool new functions we are plannning to put into this edition. 

The WinGPS 5 series 2015 is just like in the preceding years, great for route planning and navigation on board. For use on a laptop, board PC or Windows tablet.

  • WinGPS 5 Navigator as affordable beginner program.
  • WinGPS 5 Pro has AIS and tidal currents and is widely used in motor yachts and barges.
  • WinGPS 5 Voyager is Stentec's top program, specially designed for route planning and navigation aboard sailing yachts.


Development of the WinGPS Marine Plus is behind schedule. Developing a complete navigation program for Android has been harder than we thought. We add and test new options and versions frequently. Test version 0.6.4 of Friday 11 July looks pretty good and complete, even if we still have planned several impovements. A nice moment for a ‘sneak preview’.  

After logging in with my account the programs starts with an OSM chart which can be moved fluently. Because I am cannot get a GPS fix inside, the GPS light is blinking.  

The 3 butons at the left top allow me to activate the menu. The top option 'Show on chart' allows you to choose which information is shown on the chart.