DKW UK1 English and Scottish Eastcoast 2018 now available

English and Scottish Eastcoast

The new edition of the DKW UK1 is available in our online shop starting now. When purchasing the 2018 edition of this chart set, you will automatically receive all updates which will occur over the year. When you have the 2017 edition of this chart set, we provide a special upgrade version.

DKW UK1 English & Scottish Eastcoast 2018
In most cases the updates consist of the last changes based on the "NtM", the 'Notices to Mariners' from the British Hydrografic Services. Important changes are, a.o. the new windmill parks. Also, the new Dogger bank charts are a fine addition for safe crossings.

A.o. these changes were made to the chart set:

  • North Sea Offshore Charts: 291, 294 & 295.
  • Dover Strait, Eastern Part: 323.
  • East Coast of Scotland: 1438.
  • East Coast of England: 1534, 1535 & 1610.
  • Dunkerque to Oostende: 1873.
  • Rivers Thames, Tyne, Humber, Ouse, Trent, Colne and Blackwater: 1185, 1186, 1188, 1934, 3496, 3497 & 3741.