DKW Northeast Germany 2018

The 2018 edition of DKW Northeast Germany is available in our webshop! In the new edition a large number of changes were made. Below you will find a summary of the most important updates.

The DKW Northeast Germany is developed for sailors, motorboaters and commercial use. Giving a clear overview of the German waterways and ideal in combination with a full version of WinGPS. Thanks to the route network you can quickly plot a course over the inland waters of Northeast Germany, up until Prague.

The DKW Imray chart sets can be used in WinGPS 5 (for Windows) and in WinGPS Marine (for Android). When purchasing the chart set, you will also receive several updates which are released throughout the coming year.

New in 2018

  • On the Elbe, the beacons have updated icons which resemble reality with added crosses: St. Joris or St. Andreas.
  • The Nottekanal, south of Berlin, has been made sailable and is now visible on the chart.
  • City names will stay upward when the chart spins in course-up mode.
  • The colour palette for the water ways has been changed from the ENC to our own standard version: deeper water becomes a darker blue.
  • The usual changes in buoys, depths, signs, etc.

Illustration 1: New icons for crosses.

Illustration 2: The new Nottekanal.

Covering area
All bigger Northeast German waterways are included in this chart set, from the German Baltic coast up until Prague. Including: the Moldau, Saale, Peene, Havel, Müritz, Spree, Elbe, Oder and West Oder.

Upgrade from 2017
If you have a 2017 license of the DKW Northeast Germany, you can buy a special priced upgrade edition.