Ideal for navigation on the iPad

The Bluetooth GPS receivers are back in stock! Ideal for navigation on the iPad in combination with WinGPS Marine.

The GNS3000 is the successor to the popular GNS2000. You can easily connect this GPS receiver to your iPad, laptop or tablet via Bluetooth. This way you can use your navigation system anywhere on your ship, while your GPS receiver is in a safe place on board.

Tip: take the view of the GPS receiver into account. It has to see more than half of the sky to get enough satellites into view for a good position fix.

Navigation on the iPad
If your iPad does not support mobile data usage, it does not have an internal GPS receiver. If you want to use this wifi-only iPad for navigation on board, an external GPS receiver is necessary to determine your position. This new Bluetooth GPS receiver, the GNS 3000, is ideal for navigation with WinGPS Marine on your iPad.

Go to the Appstore for WinGPS Marine.

Wireless navigation on the laptop
Do you want to be able to navigate completely wireless with your laptop? Then the GNS 3000 is recommended as well. This means you no longer have a GPS receiver with a USB cable attached to your laptop and you can easily move the laptop on board.