This week we released the spring updates for our DKW Imray 2015 charts. The chartsD10, ID20, ID40, ID60 and ID70 are updated with the latest information from Imray.


Imray has updated a large number of charts with this quarterly update. In most cases this means the updated depth image and updated buoys, but some charts have major changes: 

The coverage of the river chart Yealm is enlarged, the chart layout around the Strait of Dover changed and the sketchplan of the Otok Ilovik Channel in the Mediterranean is updated to a fully calibrated chart.

There are also charts added to the series of Stenón Metópis and the Nisídhes Tselevínia, Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. In total there are three charts removed, two charts are added, and 54 charts are updated.

New charts have been added, this means that our current automatic update service cannot handle these updates. We ask you to update the Imray charts by downloading and installing the new CHV file from your Stentec account to your PC. Just go to and click "download overview" to select your updated chart. 

If you are using Imray charts on your Android™ tablet, then you should receive an automatic update message in the next few days. 


Interested in the DKW Imray charts? You can order these charts directly from our online shop, one of our dealers, or our store in Heeg.