Expected: WinGPS 5 2018!

At this moment our developers are working hard to complete the 2018 editions of WinGPS 5. This way, in 2018 you will be sailing with even better navigational software.

We proudly announce that we are planning to continue the line of WinGPS 5 2017, by making the software more user friendly and safe for the 2018 editions. New features will also be available. In this mailing we give you a hint of things to come.

  • View IENC charts in WinGPS 5, great for commercial shipping on German inland waters.
  • Increased user friendliness.
  • Updated and expanded route network, including bridges & locks.


Bron: Inland-ENC, www.elwis.de

  • Expanded polar diagrams list with spinaker and genaker.
  • Including all functions for WinGPS 5 Navigator and WinGPS 5 Pro.

The new editions of WinGPS 5 are expected to be released in early February 2018.