In this news article we give you an idea of our planning for WinGPS 6 2024, including the expected new features and changes. To offer you the best navigation experience in 2024, we are currently busy testing the first versions of WinGPS 6 - 2024. As a result, the original planning has been postponed slightly. *|MC:SUBJECT|*

To offer you the best navigation experience in 2024, we are currently busy testing the first versions of WinGPS 6 - 2024. As a result, the original planning has been pushed back slightly.
In addition to our own tests, we would like to enlist the help of our WinGPS users. Would you like to contribute to a version 6 that is as stable and fast as possible? Register now as a beta tester by emailing
This is exclusive to Premium Subscribers 2024 and to WinGPS users who have ordered an upgrade to WinGPS 6 - 2024.

In this news article we give you an idea of our planning for WinGPS 6 2024, including the expected new features and changes.

Release planning WinGPS 6 - 2024

The release of the 2024 edition of WinGPS 6 has been postponed to early 2024. We will release the versions in a staggered manner this year to better inform you about the new features. With every release you will receive a mailing about the first official 2024 version with information about the improvements and new options.

Provisional release schedule WinGPS 6- 2024 (subject to change):

The beginning of February : WinGPS 6 Navigator 2024
End of February :WinGPS 6 Pro 2024
Mid-March :WinGPS  6 Voyager 2024
The end of March :WinGPS 6 Inland 2024

WinGPS users with Premium Subscription can register as beta testers and contribute to the development of a reliable 2024 version. You will then be sent interim updates.

NEW: From the current 2024 test versions you can report directly to our developers and helpdesk, possibly including a screenshot (see image below) You will receive a cc of this in your own mailbox.
WinGPS 6 Pro 2024 with reporting screen, and DKW Vaarkaart Nederland 2024 with depth figures as (rotating) waypoints. Click on the image to enlarge it.
Our goal is to release the WinGPS versions well before the sailing season. The popular DKW Vaarkaart Nederland 2024 is already in production and is expected in the beginning of February. The DKW 1800 series 2024 is already online.
The soundings (depth numbers) are largely no longer on the chart but in the Waypoint database, so they remain horizontally readable if you sail with the CourseUp map, for example (see screenshot above). These disappear when zooming out, just like other waypoints, making the chart image calmer and clearer. They can also be turned off just like S57.

New in WinGPS 6 Navigator 2024

v6.24.0.1 beta

The 2024 edition of WinGPS 6 Navigator is expected at the beginning of February, including the following points:
  • Send notifications & error logs: As mentioned above, you can now send a notification to our helpdesk and developers from WinGPS, including a screenshot and your explanation or question. This way we can help you faster.
  • Outdated chart notification:When a chart is outdated, you will be notified. This prevents you from unknowingly sailing on outdated charts.

Expected for the first quarter

  • Notification for installation of recently purchased chart license(s): WinGPS notifies you when you have purchased a new chart, but have not yet installed it.
  • Instructional video and startup sheet.
  • Copy / Upload WinGPS 5 settings: Easily transfer your settings from WinGPS 5 to WinGPS 6.
  • Beginner button for simplified interface: With 1 push of a button you get a simpler button bar, with only the buttons you need for easy route planning and navigation.
  • To adjust water and land colors on S57 charts: This way you can make the charts fit together better and create a personally desired chart image.

New in WinGPS 6 Pro and Voyager 2024

WinGPS 6 Pro v6.24.0.3 and Voyager v6.24.0.1 betaversions

The 2024 edition of WinGPS 6 Pro is expected at the end of February and about a month later WinGPS 6 Voyager 2024. This includes the above points of the Navigator and, among other things, the points below:
  • Tide station linked to S-57:The S-57 charts contain depth data. You can link this to a tide database, such as NL-tidal data or Stentec tidal service. This makes it easy to plan a trip across the Wadden Sea, for example.
  • Free IENC Update Service 2024 Netherlands: Premium Subscribers 2024 receive an IENC Update Service 2024 Netherlands for free to get acquainted with sailing on IENC charts. IENC Waddenzee and Zeeland are updated weekly with the latest measurements from RWS. A modern, fast laptop or on-board PC is recommended for route optimization at IENC Waddenzee. We are very interested in the user experience of Wadvaarders. (see screenshot below Route Harlingen-Nes with tidal coupling)
  • EURIS and RWS shipping messages: Now available throughout the EU. Also Shipping messages Button with choice: Show everything, only along route or off.

Expected for first quarter

  • Visibility (fog) and wind gusts on chart and meteorological station.
  • ROT gr/min NMEA or calculation and display on main screen.
  • Water temperature as NMEA instrument.
  • Ahead AIS targets in route explorer.

Possible follow-up developments for Pro and Voyager in 2024

  • Tracks of nearby AIS targets on the chart (dots).
  • Alert heading or speed changes to nearby AIS targets.
  • AIS ships in Route Explorer at predicted position.
  • Link with photo database AIS ships.
  • Fuel savings with adjusted speed bridges/locks: Taking into account the operating times of bridges/locks, the recommended speed is indicated, so that, for example, you do not sail at full throttle to a bridge and then have to wait a long time for it to be operated. .
  • Convert track<>route in trajectory and route management for track pilot.
  • TrackPilot pleasure boating with AP with adjustable XTE to network.
  • Expansion of the number of Polar diagrams for more types of sailboats for 6 Voyager.

Additional expected for WinGPS 6 Inland in 2024

The 2024 edition of WinGPS Inland is expected at the end of March. All points mentioned above and below are expected in this:
  • VHF channel window.
  • AIS-GPS position with ship properties (2nd GPS).
  • ArgoTrackPilot support (Expansion set for inland shipping).

Do you have WinGPS 5 or 6 from 2022 or 2023? Then you can get WinGPS 6 - 2024 by purchasing a Premium Subscription, or purchasing the 2024 upgrade separately. See below for more info.
If you have (already) purchased a Premium Subscription or a WinGPS 6 upgrade, you will automatically receive the 2024 edition as soon as it is online. Please keep an eye on your email for this.

Route Harlingen Nes on IENC Waddenzee Midden with Pro Click on the image to enlarge it.
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WinGPS 6 Voyager 2024 with Polar Diagram. Click on the image to enlarge it.