DKW The Netherlands 2020 now available

Good news for water sports enthusiasts who are going on holiday in the Netherlands. The 2020 edition of the DKW The Netherlands is now available. In combination with WinGPS 5 Navigator, Pro or Voyager, the DKW The Netherlands is ideal for route planning over the many lakes, canals and rivers that the Netherlands has. The smallest waterways are included, even from 0.6 meters deep.

There are many changes to the new edition of this chart. Below you will find an overview with the most important points. If you have already purchased this chart in the presale, you can download the updates directly in the news center in WinGPS 5 (Windows) or when you start up the WinGPS Marine app (Android and iOS).

New in 2020

  • After the construction of the Haak om Leeuwarden, an area development was started to the west of Leeuwarden, which has also caused many changes to the waterways. For example, a mooring facility has been built at Deinum, the Boksumer Soal has become navigable for sloops and various bridges have been constructed or replaced.
  • A new connection has been dug from the Tulip Island near Zeewolde to Flevoland. A lock has also been constructed.
  • The Blaricummer Meent has become navigable and from the new residential area you can now sail to the Randmeren through the lock.
  • An island 'Bliek' in the Haringvliet has been built near Middelharnis.
  • Footpaths are now marked on the map so that pedestrian bridges are more visible.
  • The sandbanks in Zeeland have now also acquired the color of a tidal area.
  • The depths of many waterways have also been updated, as have the buoyage and the marinas.

Optimized for 'course up' mode
The Vaarkaart Nederland is optimized for 'course up' and 'head up' mode. This was achieved by no longer putting the large number of places and area names on the chart, but as waypoint name labels. As a result, the names remain horizontal with a rotating chart and can be easily turned off and on with the 'show waypoint name labels' button on the toolbar (in WinGPS 5).

When you have the 2019 edition of the DKW The Netherlands, we offer a special upgrade price. In our shop, choose '2019 edition' at the 'upgrade from' option an follow the steps. When you have our Service Card 2020, you will receive an additional €10,- discount making the upgrade cost only €79,90!

The new island Bliek
near Middelharnis.

The new lock and waterway at
the Blaricummer Meent


The new connection and the new lock at Zeewolde.

WinGPS 5 or WinGPS Marine
All DKW chart sets can be used in both WinGPS 5 for Windows, WinGPS Marine for Android and WinGPS Marine for iOS.

Need help installing?
The DKW The Netherlands 2020 is available in our online shop, our store in Heeg and through our dealers.

Our shop is still open by appointment only, for your and our safety. In the store we can install the latest editions of the charts and software on your laptop. To ensure your safety, we ensure that there are no other customers during your visit, our advisor keeps a minimum distance of 1.5 meters and we keep our shop and our hands clean.

Would you rather not visit? You can of course also send us your laptop / tablet or we can log in to your computer remotely with Teamviewer, so that we can still install all software properly.