Never before were the DKW1800 available this early. These series consists of digital charts of the Dutch coast waters and come with a free weekly update service. These advantageous replacements of paper charts can be easily installed on a Windows laptop with WinGPS 5 and on an Android tablet™ (NEW)


In a time where the Dutch Hydrographic Office does not offer certainty regarding the release of the 1800-series paper charts, the DKW1800 series are a unique product.  The free weekly update service and possibility to install the chart(s) on your laptop and Android machine at the same time, allows you to always have an up-to-date chart for these busy and changing waters.The charts can even be printed for your own use.
The DKW 1800 series charts are specifically developed for WinGPS 5 with weekly BaZ updates. The free WinGPS 5 Lite allows you to update the charts, print recent charts and see your GPS position on your chart.As of now, the BaZ of 2014 are immediately available after downloading the 2014 edition.
The Waddenzee charts 1811 and 1812 also come with the current depth information provided by ‘Rijkswaterstaat’. Perfect for crossing the Wadden. 
Compared to the 2013 edition, the biggest changes can be seen in the depth view of the Waddenzee and Noordzeekust.  All BaZ from 2013 have been processed, including : Schaar van Valkenisse, Tweede Maasvlakte, Krabbegatsluizen, Harderwijk, Den Oever and  Vaargeul bij de Boontjes between the Afsluitdijk and Harlingen.


The Hydrographic Office will not publish all paper chart in 2014. The current release dates are: Waddenzee (May), IJsselmeer (July) en Westerschelde and  Rijnmond (late 2014). As previous years, these new charts will be processed in our digital versions. This assures that you have up-to-date charts throughout the year.