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Are you an inland navigation skipper and are you still using our software for pleasure boating, WinGPS Pro 2018 or 2019? Then you can switch to our innovative WinGPS Inland version, developed for commercial shipping and luxury motor yachts for a special upgrade price. We have listed all of the benefits.

The benefits of WinGPS Inland compared to WinGPS 5 Pro

  • WinGPS Inland is based on WinGPS Pro and developed as an innovative inland shipping version, but WinGPS Inland is also suitable for tidal water, coastal shipping and sea voyages. getijdewater, kustvaart en zeereizen.
  • You can combine our DKW charts in raster format with freely available ENC and IENC charts in S57 vector format. Combined with our detailed navigation route network, our bridge and lock database and our online update service, you have acces to a very complete set of chart material for your laptop or on board PC. Ideal for both route planning and navigation on board.
  • Supports Stentec DKW2 raster charts and ENC sea charts and IENC inland waterways charts in S57 vector format.
  • Advanced route planner for both pleasure and professional shipping.
  • Ship profiles. This allows you to easily switch between, for example, ship profiles with cargo load and profiles without load.
  • Class A and INLAND-AIS programming.
  • Optional: Inland Update Service with which you always have an updated program and access to our IENC server. This service also includes support via phone and Teamviewer (Dutch, German, English). Available as an annual subscription for € 365,- per year (excluding VAT).
  • IENC Informatiemode compatible.
  • Log in with Stentec account.
  • Choice of IENC sailing area with Inland Update Service.
  • Ship name and more input at File / Properties / Ship.
  • At Region: Nautical, Inland EU and Inland US settings. The default is Inland EU with km and km/h.
  • S57 folder button for adding and removing S57 cards to or from S57 card folder manager.
  • S57 on the menu bar with S57 settings.
  • S57 button bar for all chart windows.
  • S57 dusk and night screen.
  • 'Show Land Objects' option. Turning this off shows the underlying DKW chart.
  • Shift + F5 to F12 function keys reserved for S57.
  • Menu button 'Show chart and S57 cell borders'.
  • Optional display of exact image scale value.
  • Date-dependent objects, such as ice-buoyage, linked to the timeline.
  • Optional Inland AIS display (Default) with circles without HDG and red with Blue AIS balls.
  • When clicking on S57 objects, an S57 Object information screen appears (Pick-report).
  • Chart management with folder for Stentec iENC server (with Inland Update Service).
  • Inland AIS option with AIS settings.
  • Filter date or time dependent S57 objects
  • AIS Class A programming and a toolbar with "Own Ship Target info" test button.
  • Fuel Flow meter support for sustainable shipping
  • More detailed information from the European Shippers Notices with water levels

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