For a good overview of the WinGPS 5 updates, we created a list below which shows you the most important changes in the WinGPS 5 series from 2012 - 2014:

 New in WinGPS 5 2014 compared to edition 2013

  • Improved views of bridges and locks. Names can now ben turned on/off
  • The route network has been updated and expanded
  • An almost infinite ammount of hybrid charts can be installed at the same time
  • NL Tides 2014 database (Pro/Voyager)
  • New AIS port in instrument manager now standard at 38400 baud (Pro/Voyager)
  • Virtual AIS bouys are now being showed (Pro/Voyager)
  • Save the configuration in Instrument Manager (Pro/Voyager)
  • Speed vector in polar diagram now also in route planning (Voyager)
  • 2014 database of polar diagrams polaire diagrammen with no less than 1509 types sailing boats (Voyager) 

 New in WinGPS 5 2012 compared to edition 2012

  • Route network updated and expanded with Germany and North France
  • Clickable waypoints show more information about waypoints, bridges and locks
  • News Centre allows for easiy updating program and charts
  • DKW Hybrid format  now supported
  • Route network can now be changed in width and color 
  • Give color to forbidden water ways
  • Support ADAC Marina database (optional )   
  • NL Tides 2013 database (Pro/Voyager)
  • Enter travelling hours per day of the week (Pro/Voyager)
  • Enter average stream on rivers(Pro/Voyager)
  • Wind flag on chart for optimal tacking. This requires a wind sensor in WinGPS 5 Voyager 2013. The wind flag shows the trail of the wind across the earth and show you how to profit from wind changes (Voyager)

 In WinGPS 5 2015 you'll find a lot of new technology as well. Check out the highlights here.