This week we released a new update for for the popular WinGPS™ Marine app for Android™. Thanks to suggestions of our testers, and end-users we have several bugfixes in this update which makes the app even more stable & reliable. Also the GPS alarm function is now disabled by default. 

This update is free for all users of the WinGPS™ Marine app series for Android. 

Now also with smartwatch support

An Android Wear™ smart watch shows your boat speed and your course. It also shows the distance to the next waypoint. Ideal if you are sailing a defined route. 

If you wear a smartwatch with a built in Orientation Sensor, you can point to a bouy and a red bearing line will show up on your chart at your tablet / smartphone screen. This compass pointer option will be activated when you activate the the far right smartwatch-screen (tested with a Sony Smartwatch 3 with build-in Orientation Sensor).

Curious about our WinGPS™ Marine app? You can download it for free via Google Play™, if you want more options like creating routes, GRIB and AIS, check out our online shop

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