Lately we have been getting questions about the use of the new Windows 10. Many of our customers question if their beloved WinGPS 5 is still working on the new version of Windows. 

We had already heard that several users are already using WinGPS 5 on Windows 10, and that it is working perfectly. We tested it ourselves on several systems and we can confirm that it works very good on the new Windows system. The navigation software WinGPS 5 as well as the BU353 S4 GPS reciever work flawlessly. The charts, settings and program files stayed active after the upgrade, so we didn't needed to reinstall WinGPS 5. Also, the GPS reciever worked directly after the upgrade. 

Note: Are you using Windows 7? Then there is the possibility that you are using the BU353 USB GPS reciever. This is an older version of the USB GPS recievers, and is not suited for use in Windows 8 and 10. In our online shop we provide you with a selection of GPS recievers that are new and work perfectly in Windows 8 and 10. Click here for our selection.