Supply conditions

  • When purchasing the WinGPS Inland navigation program, it is possible to order the Inland Update Service with it. The subscription is automatically renewed in January. The payment takes place prior to the extension. You will be informed about this well in advance.

  • You can choose to have the subscription amount automatically debited from your bank account. You can also receive a payment link by e-mail with which you transfer the amount yourself.

  • When you order the subscription for the first time, only the months that still apply for that year will be charged. Example: if you order the subscription in September, only the months of September to December will be charged. This means that in this example you pay €116.33 (excl. VAT). You can immediately use your subscription in September.

  • You can cancel your subscription up to 1 month prior to the renewal date by contacting our administration via, 0515-443515 or in our store. If you stop the subscription (for example) halfway through the year, the subscription will continue until the next January. No amount will be refunded.

  • If you have canceled the subscription you will still have access to the benefits of the Inland Update Service until the following January. After that, both the downloaded charts and the updates for WinGPS Inland and access to ENC server are no longer available.

  • You can reactivate the subscription at any time by ordering it in our online shop or by contacting us at, 0515-443515 or in our store.

Store opening hours
In order to offer you the most efficient and good service possible, our store in Heeg will remain open by appointment only for the time being. We will of course remain available by e-mail and telephone during the regular opening hours (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM).

More information

Stentec 35 years

Stentec Navigation is specialised in digital navigation for water sporters and commercial shipping.


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Sail simulator

Sail Simulator 5
In 2009 Stentec proudly presented the latest version of the Sail Simulator 5 at HISWA: an extremely realistic sailing experience on your computer. Ideal for learning purposes or getting through the offseason.

  • Easy and flexible user interface.
  • Stable multiplayer server for long distance regattas.
  • Realistic aerodynamics with wind shear and twist.
  • True to nature wave field and sea wearthiness.
Sail simulator