WinGPS MobileStentec’s New WinGPS 4 Mobile Navigator is specially designed for GPS-navigation with your handheld PC or PDA on board.






- WinGPS 4 Mobile Start-Up sheet

- An english manual will follow

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Specs WinGPS 4 Mobile Navigator

WinGPS 4 Mobile

  • Useful for all charts using WinGPS 4, like DKW 1800, ANWB, Navkom and charts which were reset from DKW1 to DKW2. Also suitable for charts made in DKWBuilder. Also supporting the most common BSB4 charts.
  • You will get to see all charts without borders as one big picture on your screen. Ideal for planning routes on multiple charts. No chart names to remember, but only zoom-in and –out. Multiple chart sets to use simulteneously.
  • Position and sailed routes to plot, when an NMEA-0183 compatible GPS is connected you can see your course line and position.
  • Groundcourse (COG), groundspeed (SOG) and WGS84 coordinates. Chart rotation: Chart Up, North Up, Leg Up (along route line) and Course Up and Automatic center to get as much chart in front of your cursor.
  • Plan routes by using waypoints and sail alongside with a XTE indicator. Optional: scale indicator and North arrow Installation, delete and update (only DKW1800) charts by using DKW Manager.
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Sail simulator

Sail Simulator 5
In 2009 Stentec proudly presented the latest version of the Sail Simulator 5 at HISWA: an extremely realistic sailing experience on your computer. Ideal for learning purposes or getting through the offseason.

  • Easy and flexible user interface.
  • Stable multiplayer server for long distance regattas.
  • Realistic aerodynamics with wind shear and twist.
  • True to nature wave field and sea wearthiness.
Sail simulator