Update your navigation for the 2019 sailing season

Order your charts now for next sailing season and get the 2019 edition immediately, including all accompanying updates. Do you have the 2018 edition of the DKW charts? Then you can purchase an advantageous upgrade.

By upgrading your WinGPS 5 Navigator, Pro or Voyager to the 2019 edition, you are assured of the latest WinGPS 5. Including updates to the waterway network, bridges & locks and current & tidal data. Do you already have a Service Card 2019? Then you can download the 2019 edition of WinGPS 5 for free from your Stentec account.

Upgrade WinGPS 5

Upgrade DKW charts

DKW 1800 - 2019

Sail safely up until 2020 with the DKW1800 2019

Our first chart release for 2019 is the well-known DKW 1800 series, based on the paper charts from the Dutch Hydrographical Service. Starting now, you can purchase the new chart sets in our webshop or download them for free if you bought the chart set during our pre sale.

Free weekly BaZ updates

The DKW 1800 series 2019 are fully updated and will be updated further according to the weekly BaZ updates for the entirety of 2019.

Stentec 35 years

Stentec Navigation is specialised in digital navigation for water sporters and commercial shipping.


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Sail simulator

Sail Simulator 5
In 2009 Stentec proudly presented the latest version of the Sail Simulator 5 at HISWA: an extremely realistic sailing experience on your computer. Ideal for learning purposes or getting through the offseason.

  • Easy and flexible user interface.
  • Stable multiplayer server for long distance regattas.
  • Realistic aerodynamics with wind shear and twist.
  • True to nature wave field and sea wearthiness.
Sail simulator