On this page you will find all our available (free) downloads. Among which special tools for WinGPS 5 and hardware drivers.

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Product Version Version date Size  

DKW Manager
For the installation of our DKW charts (DKW2, BSB, in WinGPS 5 (Windows). 21/04/2016 3 MB

Stentec Software Installer
To create a backup of all your Stentec software (Windows) for offline installation on your (offline) onboard PC. 09/05/2017 4 MB

WinGPS 5 Lite
The free test version of WinGPS 5 for Windows. 21/03/2019 12 MB

WinGPS 5 Lite
The free test version of WinGPS 5 for Windows including a free world chart. 06/03/2017 81 MB

WinGPS ENC-Viewer
WinGPS ENC Viewer. Free S57 vector charts can be used within this viewer. More information here. 21/12/2018 11 MB

Product Version Version date Size  

Teamviewer - Stentec-version
Online help from a distance with the Stentec edition of Teamviewer. Download this program and we can log on to your system for assistance.

- - 9.8 MB

GPS-Info program
Software to clear the internal memory of your GPS receiver, which could make it better/faster when in use.

Tip: Close WinGPS and all other navigational software when using GPS info. In the software click on 'start' and, when connected to the GPS receiver, click on 'Cold-start'. Afterwards, click on 'Close GPS' and close the software. The GPS receiver is now available for use in other navigational software.

- - 128 kB

COM Port Plug&Play Blocker
Software to block the 'floating mouse' problem. Especially made for Windows Vista.

- - 1.1 MB
Product Version Version date Size  

Driver for USB GPS receiver
Driver for the BU-353, BU-353s4, MR-350 and other USB GPS receivers (for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10).

Please mind: The BU-353 and a lot of older USB GPS receivers are no longer supported in Windows 8 and 10.

3.1 MB

Driver for uAIS Antenna (Windows)

2.2 MB

Driver for uAIS Antenna (Apple)

0.8 MB

Driver for UC232A serial to USB-adapter

3.8 MB

Driver for Delock serial to USB adapter
For Windows 7 and higher.

2.0 MB

Driver vooforr V-700
Driver for V-700 external USB display

13.7 MB