WinGPS Specifications
Below you will find the specifications for all different WinGPS versions, for WinGPS 5 and WinGPS Marine.

WinGPS 5 (Windows) WinGPS Marine (Android) WinGPS
WinGPS Inland
Basic functions
GPS-position, velocity, course, distance traveled
Anchorwatch, Distance measuring, Nightview, Log
Waypoints: create, rename and edit
Waypoints: sort in groups
Sailed tracks: save and view
Sailed tracks: play simulation
Shipping notifications with current obstructions
Time bar - look ahead
Route network with info for waterways, bridges and locks
Set out a route
Set out a route including bridges, locks, waterways and the ships measurements
Routeplanner including sailing times and bridge serving times
Routeplanner including stream and tides
Routeplanner including Kustfijn model
Routeplanner including wind, waves and polar diagram
Routeplanner for multiple days
'Navigate to..' button: set out a route with one click
Extended information for bridges and locks, including photo
Download updates easily via news center
Print chart view
Offline charts: DKW2, BSB, NOAA * * *
Loading ENC Charts
ENC options (mandatory for commercial shipping)
Offline charts: NV-Digital
Online chart layer ESRI
Online chart layer NOAA
Current data of the KNMI weatherstations in NL
GRIB files NOAA world wide - 0.25 degrees
GRIB files Harmoni model - NL - high detail
Wave prediction NOAA - world wide
Tides/Water levels
Current NAP water levels - NL
Stream & tides - Nltides and BSH **
Kustfijn model - NL ***
GPS receiver
Wind meter, depth meter, log, compass, repeater
Import and export files
Polar diagram - 4000 included
Interactive route planning with polar, wind, stream and tides

* DKW charts upwards of 2014.

** NLtides is free for 1 calender year, € 19,90 every next year.

*** purchased for €25,