Tips for offline chart installation

Necessary equipment:

  • USB drive
  • A laptop or PC with internet connection

Creating a back-up USB drive:

  1. Download our Software installer via this link.
  2. Open the setup file and open the program after installation.
  3. Choose ‘create/update installation backup’ and fill in your stentec account in the next screen.
  4. The following step is giving the file location for the backup: select the USB drive in the file browser.
  5. Choose which programs and charts you want to backup/install on the USB drive.
  6. Please mind: Always choose to install the DKW Manager, this will ensure your offline computer has the newest version installed.

  7. Choose ‘Make backup for another computer’.
  8. Insert the hardware key of your offline computer. You can find the correct hardware key in WinGPS via ‘help - about’.
  9. If you don't have the hardware key available choose 'create backup without activating'. Choosing this option will require temporary internet connectivity on your other PC for activation. For example, you could use a smartphone with a hotspot, internet connectivity will only take about 2 minutes and nearly no data traffic.

Finishing the above steps will create a ready to use USB drive. Take this drive to your offline computer and connect it.

installing from a back-up USB drive:

  1. Open the Stentec Installer from the drive and choose 'Install from backup'.
  2. Choose 'install from found backup'. If this option isn't available click 'browse' and select the USB drive.
  3. Select the items you want to install.
  4. Choose the location for the files to be installed. Preferrably use the default folder.

After installation, start WinGPS from your desktop and everything will be ready for use.