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Stentec Software presents: Motorboat Simulator 1 !
On July 5, 2003 Motorboat Simulator 1.0.1 has been released as 10.5 Mb download. A special Motorboat Simulator Training Area can be download for free from (13 Mb). Also a first CD-Version is available in limited edition.

After the successful Hands-on Powerboating finally a realistic simulator that (novice) motorboat skippers can use to practice maneuvers and navigation on the PC. A multiplayer option for racing with fast powerboats is available too. In other words an attractive and instructive program for the power boat skipper.

Our intention is to develop Motorboat Simulator also to be used for powerboat training courses. Future version will probably be used for getting a powerboat license.

The fleet consists of a single propeller 32' cruiser, a fast speedboat (classic runabout) with an outboard motor, a launch, a tugboat and a twin propeller NoLimit 1500. New in version 1.2 is the spectacular Koning Willem I rescueboat with Hamilton Jet propulsion.

Read all about the Making of de Koning Willem I rescue boat of the Dutch KNRM, supported by KNRM and sponsored by Hamilton Jet. For the design of the ship we use 3D-Studio Max and a special shipdesigner, which will be released in 2004/2005. Also NoLimit Ships sponsored Stentec to model the NoLimit 1500, a twin propeller ocean cruiser.

Motorboat Simulator is developed using Delphi 7 and Stentec's DirectX Simulation Technology based on the latest DirectX 8.1. Actually we are modeling the cruising behavior, planing, propulsion and control-interface. The Sail Simulator 4 wave field will be improved with reflection and non linear waves to test the motorboats on seaworthiness.

Your comments or suggestions are very much appreciated.

Ordering information
Motorboat Simulator can be ordered on CD-ROM or as an affordable download version in our online shop. You can also order a special Plus-version, with Scenery Designer Toolkit for creating new boating areas.

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