Wouter Kuik
President, owner.
Director, leading the development department, innovate cartographic department.

Wouter Kuik founded Stentec in 1983 and is initiator of the main software and windenergy developments.

Experience: 4 years research on the aeroelasticity of wind turbine rotors with tipvanes at the Aeronautical department of Delft University. More than 20 years experience in wind turbine technology. Developer of technical software since 1980.

Personal interests: sailing, birds, playing guitar & music from Bob Dylan to Shostakovich.

Anje Kuik-Stuurwold
Member board of directors, co-owner.

Personal interests: Gardening, classical music & sailing.

Floris Kuik

Management software development, marketing and finance.
Software developer.

Personal interests: Physics, relativity, piano & guitar playing.

Šime Baričević

Management sales & marketing.
Tester alpha-, beta versions and prototypes, contact of external beta-testers.

Personal interests: Croatia, Rotterdam & the gaming industry.

Marianne Baričević Kuik
Office manager

Sales & marketing.

Personal interests: Catamaran sailing, baking, sustainability & fair trade.

Stefan Bekema
Senior Software developer.

Personal interests: Korfball, visiting concerts & England.

Popke Altenburg
Software developer.

Personal interests: Visiting festivals, reparation & innovation.

Vincent Keuss
Cartographer, development of new cartographic tools.

Personal interests: Experiencing other cultures, biking & theater acting.

Iris Stuurwold-de Bruijn
Finance manager.

Personal interests: Sailing, helping the elderly & billards.

Jan Haarsma

Personal interests: Soccer, fitness

Elise Silvius

Education: Business Services (Marketing & Communication Specialist) - Sneek

Internship period: 11-09-2023 - 17-11-2023


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