3DEM Ad-/Spyware

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3DEM Ad-/Spyware

Postby TomCat » Tue 10 Apr 2007 - 20:08


I started to engage in creating sceneries from sat data (along Barry's tutorial) and got stuck with the fact that 3dem seems to come with a lot of ad- (spy-?) ware from hotbar.com.

Ok, they are friendly enough to reveal it before installing the software but as it's a tough job to keep your system clean these days and I refuse to accept such 'intrusions' wherever I can.

Does anyone know what's about it? Is there any alternative?

Buying is not an option for me becuase of using it only occasionally.


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Postby Barry » Tue 10 Apr 2007 - 22:08

Gerhard Hi

Just had a look.
3DEM starts from the visualization site

this then takes you to the winsite.
Tried to see if I could start another download and it said starting in 10 to 20 seconds.
Not sure if it the pop up blocker on my site causing problem for me.
Anyway clicked temporarily allow pop-up on my computer but no download.
Only an experiment to see what was happening as a while since I downloaded it, and maybe one of the other mirror sites might work.
I am on dialup so everything takes a while.
Have a back up copy of 3dem but about 4.5 meg I think zipped.

I use the free spybot search and destroy program as well as windows defender.
If you don't have spybot maybe give it a try.
Regular free updates. and mine is immunizing against up to about 4500+ products now and increases with each update.

When you first start using it it finds a few deletable products.

Also available on computer discs I think, that come with computer mags, etc.

I hope Stentec makes the new Scenery Designer so it is not dependant on external programs except the satelite downloads as if dependant on other programs they might get withdrawn, etc.

Unless the New Scenery has a decent dem editor combined with satellite data and easy accesible data for all it will be of little use and of little interest to anybody.

That is it the problem with the current Scenery Editor as it took me several months to understand how to use the Dem Editor combined with satellite data due to lack of information.
Perhaps Strentec could advise us of the position regarding satellite data use as regards the forthcoming dem & scenery editor.

To make realistic sceneries satellite data is essential and must be user friendly with the programs INTEGRATED, and not have to use 3dem and vtbuilder before you get the satelitte dem into the Stentec dem editor.

Just did a search on tucows for 3dem and it came up with autodem a free program.

That is if the sailsim and new scenery & dem editor is to become more popular than it is now so hope Stentec read this!!!!


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Postby Barry » Tue 10 Apr 2007 - 23:51


Had another try and windows brings message up that it blocked site from downloading files to for security etc.
Anyway when I allowed file it appears to be the 3dem zipped file. Already have a copy so did not download it.

Possibly the other adware you mentioned was blocked from being downloaded by spybot search & destroy as nothing else appears to have been attempted to be downloaded.

Spybot Search & Destroy will delete spyware and also immunize against the same files being downloaded again if you set it up to immunize.
Just checked 4466 products blocked to date by it.

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Postby Stefan » Wed 11 Apr 2007 - 09:41

Hi Guys,

The download of 3DEM is indeed not that straightforward. You need to manoeuvre past a lot of ads and most mirrors don't seem to work, but I found the austrian mirror to be working. This is the direct link: ftp://ftp.tuwien.ac.at/pc/winsite/winxp/misc/3dem200.zip

Barry, the new Sail Simulator will also have a new Scenery Designer.
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Postby Barry » Wed 11 Apr 2007 - 13:15

Hello Stefan I read that ss5 will have a new scenery designer, but no idea what the dem. side will be based on.

With Virtual Sailor you open the srtm2 file with 3dem (or maybe other software would work), and export a file type. Place in a named folder and the terrain is made once the scenery is opened. However the Stentec dem. editor does improve the resolution a lot more. Anyway you probably know that.

Thanks for trying the 3dem site.

When makimg the scenery designer perhaps the cordless desktop and cordless mouse could be tested with it (Logitech) as apparently this did not work with the current scenery editor. The firm I get my computer from seem to have the cordless desktop on their computers now and difficult to know what to buy with all the changes that will work ok with ss5 and new scenery designer.

Duo processors are now up to quad processors but for middle range computers they will probably come with duo processor. cordless desktop and I will choose ati ATI Radeon X1950 Pro card.

Once we get a decent solid core program with ss5 and new scenery designer I will remake a section on my site for it (that is if it all works Ok).

Perhaps modules could then be added from time to time to help the Stentec cash flow with appropriate boats and scenery content.

Incidentally my era of interest is about 2 centuries ago :wink:


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Postby TomCat » Wed 11 Apr 2007 - 23:57

Hi Barry, Stefan,

Thx for the support. I downloaded 3dem from Stefans link and it worked fine - to find out that most of the area of interest - Ijsselmeer and Frisia in NL - is located below sea level and that elevation data is not really helpful here... LOL (should have known better:-)

I keep trying...

b.t.w. my era of intrest is contemporary dutch steel displacement yachts;-)
I used to be a sailor but as the sail ship should have the skipper's/owner's age in feet I turned to the more spacy motor boats - just kidding, actually my wife doesn't like sailing so this is the second best choice. I'll be in Sneek (just around the corner to Stentec) next week to charter a boat and we hope to reach to amsterdam if the weather allows for it. I just wanted to anticipate with the MBS;-)

Cheers Gerhard
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