using Chartiff DEM files

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using Chartiff DEM files

Postby sailorgtd » Mon 21 Mar 2005 - 17:24

I'm brand new to the Sail Simulator world and am trying find out if sailing areas are available in addition to those within the software and posted in the sail sim site. Chartiff sells DEM charts. Are those usable as scenes or do they have to be worked/modified in Scenery Builder ( really shows my ignorance) ? I understand that I would need to add any objects/ buoys etc to customize the DEM charts but was hoping that the scene itself would be usable as is. . Appreciate any response.
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re: New to DEMS

Postby Bill Cridland » Wed 24 Aug 2005 - 19:37

George I thought I would reply to your plaintiff voice since I to am a rookie. DEMS ( Digital Elevated Models) are used primarily to model blobs to look like islands. Where you can get sample DEMS , yes a number of sites usually have interesting Dems for download but the root I took still struggling with it is as follows . Go to the Stentec site and download their freebie Scenic Design Toolkit. If you follow the directory path C:\Program files\stentec\scenic design toolkit\dembuilder\samples\sample1,sample2,sample 3. So you have George three samples which you have to get from a contoured layered model into a framework model for listing into the Sail Simulator. Basically the DEM has to be interpolated ( to change introduce new material). The instructions as bad as they are can be found in the freebie Scenic Design Toolbox read 'Introduction: How to build a sailing area ' AT a minimum George you must read it at least twice before it clicks or makes sense. George if you read the conversation between the writer and Barry you can pick up a :D few more bits of information . It's th second header George About making Dems the Lazy way.Bill C Bolton MA USA
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