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Postby Barry » Thu 25 Aug 2005 - 19:58

Hello Bill

Opening the SSP file is a nice easy one.
(Stentec Scenery Package).
This is just to compress a route for uploading etc, which you can do from the Scenery Designer.

Download the free Scenery Manager from Stentec.
I posted on the mb forum to someone else with same problem. quoted reply below. from thread "Scenery Download" Oliveman.

" Download the free Scenery Manager from the Stentec site.
Then open scenery manager - install as a single file - Install to default folder. You click these boxes.

When installed Open any route. Open sceneries and click on the route you installed. Save the route with a name for it to show in the opening window."
To run my route at 50 miles you would probably need the full version of sail or mb sim as demo restricted to 4 miles? Also although would run in sail sim, 100s of trees etc will just be pictures on a black sheet. Ok in mb sim.

You install items from other routes with the free Object Editor. Or copy and paste the file with bitmap into the Scenery object or buoy folder into the Scenery Designer.

there are lit buoys in my route and lit the top of a lighthouse. Also made a lighthouse beam. These are jUst a long exteneded cone. Problem is the light beam is seen during the day, also can't be aninated at present to rotate it.

Regarding right clicking to alter to make compatible in windows, that took me ages to find out as always forgot how to do it, until I found I could right click on program.

Just post again whenever.

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Demo Scenery DEsign toolkit not registering

Postby Bill Cridland » Fri 02 Sep 2005 - 17:55

Barry like I said what one fool can do another can. I found out why my Dem creations were not registering into the Sail Simulator 4.2. There is a write up from Stentec which lets you know what coverage you get if you download the Scenery Designer Toolkit 1.0 . Besides other constraints 'Open registered scenery function DISABLED' also ' Stentec Scenery Package functions disabled. It would have been prudent of Stentec to have warned users who were trying out their software that there were these restrictions , say in the blurb ' How to build a sailing area'. I would not mind Barry but emailed the Stentec gurus twice and still they did not have a clue. The other boondoggle here Barry there are aproximately three outlets who market Stentec products and I have been trying to purchase a full copy of the the Scenery Design Toolkit , either I get the run around or they don't stock this item. Is there any reputeable outlets that market this program ? Regards Bill C
Nothing in mind at the moment !
Bill Cridland
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Postby Barry » Fri 02 Sep 2005 - 18:29

Hello Bill.

I knew there were some restrictions on using the demo but I was not sure of the details. I bought the plus version of the sailsimulator when I first bought it a while ago now, that included the Scenery Designer.

I only needed then to buy the standard version motorboat simulator as Scenery Designer is OK for both, and a seperate installation.

I bought them from "Sailing Books" in the UK but just had a quick look and they only seem to stock the plus or standard simulations. Also bought a few charts from them. Could could try emailing, or phoning etc, as they seem helpful.

You have probably looked at the Stentec Shop, and listed at about 25 Euros. About £15 UK? Not sure if this is a download version?
The only other way is to ask one of the suppliers (as you say 3 listed for the usa), if they could order a copy.

Probably quickest to just get it from Stentec?

I have been adding a few details to my route and put Conway castle in the right place this time as a bit out on the 1st route.

May upload a revised version of North Wales when I add a bit more content.

Once you get into route making it is very easy.

You can install a ssp package with the Scenery Manager to sail or motor on in either the plus or standard simulators. With the ordinary silmulator you can install any route, with or without the scenery Designer.
The Scenery Designer is entirely seperate.

Its only in the Scenery Designer that won't save dem, or open ssp, without the full Scenery designer?

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