Moving and placing objects in SD Toolkit

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Moving and placing objects in SD Toolkit

Postby TomCat » Wed 28 Mar 2007 - 18:45

Hi all,

I use the full SD Toolkit version and have problems to precisely move objects into position. When I move objects or buoys with the arrow keys they make erratic moves, move pixel by pixel, then suddenly jump lots of pixels.
It is extremely time consuming and nerving to put pieces (quais etc.) into adjacent positions or into alignment. It seems to be an anti snap function: whenever I approach the desired position the objcts jumps over that spot. Its annoying to see how the object pops around the targeted position and refuses to snap. I try ten times or so before - by chance - the object hopps to where I want it to have.

I havent found any remarks on such a topic in this forum - am I the only one expieriencing this prob?

I have the latest MBS and SD versions, a 2 GHz machine with 1 GB ram so performance should not be the problem.

Thx for helping!

Postby Barry » Wed 28 Mar 2007 - 19:59


I don't know what is happening but usually a bit fiddly but what you explain is not right.

Try the following. Dont add anything and move the empty cursor to the spot you want then click add. Doesn't matter what object on the end of the cursor. Then Object file box, scroll to the item you want and it will change to it.

Then bottom box rotation arrow plus x or y or z. Usually Z and Y to adjust the height.

For the next piece ADD then click on the window and move the cursor to wherever you want. Again change the object as described unless placing several of the same type. To get the object off the cursor you need to click on a bit of blank space in the Objects window.
If full, click at the very bottom so its not highlighted.
Or save the scenery and reload.

Perhaps one of the other forum members may add more.
I Tried it out in Scenery Designer as I typed so this method works or should do.

Post again if problems.

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Postby TomCat » Mon 02 Apr 2007 - 10:11

Hi Barry

Sorry for the late reply but my stentec account vanished for unknown reason:-)

Thanks for your help! I found out it has something to do with my keyboard (Logitech wireless). I installed SD on my business machine and it worked properly. Then I plugged in my old cable keyboard and it was ok though not flawless yet. I suspect it's the kbd driver. However, SD is the only software I have such kind of problem with.

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Postby Barry » Mon 02 Apr 2007 - 12:07


I was wondering about the wireless desktop or keyboard myself as due to get a new computer later this year and most seem to come with the wirelss keyboard or wireless desktop. Mine is cable at present and logitech.

Sailsimulator 5 is mentioned for Beta in September and out in November this year (we have waited a few years for it) and an updated Scenery Designer so hopefully it may "ALL" work with modern day software.

If any problems making scenery just post and will try and help or others may.



P.S Stentec look at the forums daily to clear spam etc, so they may see your post about the wireless keyboard. Hope so as also relevant to me.
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Postby ajnasreddin » Sat 07 Apr 2007 - 17:06

I'd be careful with wireless hardware as there could be various things to interupt the signal. Infrared can be a big problem as TV remotes use it too. A friend had a problem when his mobile phone got too close to his computer.

If you want wireless, do some extra research to find out how it is wireless and what things might cause signal problems.

Myself, don't mind the cables as it keeps my small children from carrying things off and hiding them! :lol:
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