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Postby sousadolphin » Sat 27 Jan 2007 - 00:12


I want to create a scene of Hervey Bay in Queensland and think that this programme can do it but do not understand how I start. I believe I have to find a DEM file of the Bay, anyone know where I find such a thing and how I would go about creating such a senario?

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Postby Barry » Sat 27 Jan 2007 - 01:20


You would probably need the full version of the Scenery Designer which includes the dem editor. You may be able to use the demo version but not sure if it saves a dem map and is limited to about 4 square miles

If you have the the full version of the Scenery Designer you will probably need to make it compatible to windows 95 to save a dem map as it is now 4 years or more old. (that is if using windows xp). Regarding the new version of windows Vista, or upgrading to it, due out in a few days I have no idea what the position is, or if anything will still work with it with the current simulators. Perhaps Stentec will inform us?

Anyway you can make sceneries covering most parts of the world using srtm2 satellite data and I have 2 tutorials on this forum and there are 14 of my sceneries downloadable from the Stentec site made using srtm2 satellite data.

See the tutorial a few threads below this one.
Regarding your query on the motorboat forum, at present you can only sail/motor the default boats and the simulator is mainly for practicing navigation and perhaps racing etc.

You can easily add any content you make using Blender. Again see my tutorial for this a few links below. I did originally have the tutorials on my site with images but removed them from my site but exactly the same except no images.

The necessary links are there both for Blender which is free and open source and for downloading srtm2 data and for 3dem etc, and virtual terrain should be in the scenery designer ( VT only needed to change a file type etc) . A few others on the forum can also use srtm2 data etc and perhaps they may post. You can use any of my content from my sceneries in your own sceneries FOR NON COMMERCIAL USE.

Best plan is to download a few sceneries from Stentec and explore them, and also have a look at my 2 tutorials. If you then want to continue further with it, post again and either I or others will probably be able to help further. It is all fairly easy once you get into it but it is just getting started may be the difficult part.

Not sure about the area you are interested in as I am only using the srtm2 section for downloads from the nasa site.

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Postby Barry » Sat 27 Jan 2007 - 02:46

Put the 2 tutorial back on my site for now with images. Seems easiest.

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