SS5 : First impression ..

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SS5 : First impression ..

Postby Marxx » Wed 28 Jan 2009 - 12:06


I've installed yeaterday pre-version of SS5 as third sailing sim on my workstation.
Having in mind the "pre-release" sign all I can say is "WHOW"!

From visual side - the only sim to compare with is VSK5 and SS5 wins esspecialy for small boats. It's a first time I feel Laser alive. The weather system has a nice potential - maybe just more complex clouds and rain system is missing little bit.

Handling the boat in normal conditions is chellenging but nicely accurate - for strong winds out of operational limits the physics seems to be slightly corrupted with 70 class flying high over the waves with abnormal speeds. In normal conditions things seem to be pretty well done including waves impact on boat behaviour.

Interface - I'm unable to make my X36 saitek rudder/joy to work with a game - it's not needed but I'm used to it from VSK and hope it will came. Work with different options is not easy at the first sight - I have still to work little bit on that to have tack/gyb more fluent. Perhaps some personal adjustments to key config will be required.

Empty environment ... at least 2 red buoys placed around :) will help for checkrides - I don't think that duplicating object could be a problem for development- it's potential quick win while ability to test/tune/learn proper handling/trimming will significantly raise. Please - small update with two new buoys will be more then welcome.

Is Multiplayer option already available?
Is there anybody around to try Multimode?

The success of the product came with number of users - taking in comparison the success of VSK it's quite clear that racing/match for Multi, skins for boats, ranking leader and new boats pushed VSK high- is there any documentation for creating new boats available? are you thinking about ISAF rules implementations for race/match mode? With a number of boats prepared for VSK in 3D graph tools potentialy it should be not to complex to transfer them into SS5. Of course proper polars taking in consideration all trimming make things not extremly easy :) but it's worth to play. The Scenery Designer is also something to be deployed as soon as possible - ability to sail on known areas (both in-shore and off-shore) will help marketing guys to sell the product - I hope one day I will be able to try to recreate few Polish popular sailing areas (few lakes for in-shore sailing and Gdansk Bay for coastal off-shore).

I hope that excellent work done for SS5 pre-release will be not lost - if you guy's need any support for test stage please drop a line.

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